Week 12’s leading college football Twitter trolls

11:41 PM ET ESPN personnel Plenty of giants were active throughout Week 12 of the college football season. 1 Associated There was an intense bear video. There was a discourse on the color blue, weather talk and plenty of puns.Here are a few of the very best giants from Saturday: Behind 6 goals from QB Spencer Rattler, South Carolina hung 63 on No. 5 Tennessee and ended the Vols’playoff chances. It was the second-most points scored on

an AP leading 5-ranked team since 1936. Even with the big win, certainly South Carolina would not run over on Tennessee’s cherished fight tune,”Rocky Top. “Ha. Who are we joking. There”ain’t no smoggy smoke “in “Sandstorm,”either.Fixed it for you.

pic.twitter.com/CKH3MnBpgH!.?.!— Gamecock Football( @GamecockFB )November 20, 2022 Baylor had TCU beaten up until the Horned Frogs rallied late and topped their win with an epic fire drill of a basket from Griffin Kell. The triumph keeps undefeated TCU’s College Football Playoff opportunities intact for another week.While the Frogs are No. 4 in the playoff survey, when it concerns elite-level trolling videos, the rest of college football is playing for 2nd place.Hail Frogzilla.justbearly.mp4 #GoFrogs #DFWBig 12Team pic.twitter.com/zvvpw2RIUK!.?.!— TCU Football(@TCUFootball) November 19, 2022 Duke’s color, Duke Blue, isn’t all that different from other deep, dark colors of blue. In particular college sports circles, however, it’s on the color wheel of tints like garnet, maize or crimson and cream specifically related to college teams.Well, Pitt, which has its own shade of blue and among the best uniforms in the sport, would like a word.Our blue is much better That’s a @Pitt_FB WIN #H 2P pic.twitter.com/s6o9BfoIIe!.?.!— Pitt

Panthers(@Pitt_ATHLETICS )November 19, 2022 Clemson handed Miami its 6th loss of the season and 4th in which the Hurricanes quit

40 or more points. It was Clemson’s 40th straight house win and its 12th successive season of 10 victories or more.After the Tigers held Miami to simply 98 overall backyards, the weather people in South Carolina felt comfy downgrading these Hurricanes past hurricane– or perhaps tropical anxiety– all the method to a little rainstorm.a little rain never hurt any person. pic.twitter.com/1RvHJcC586!.?.!— Clemson Football(@ClemsonFB )November 20,

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