Bad beats, a ‘worthless’ FG and more highlight weekend in

Who’s all set for another wild weekend of winning or whimpering? Everyone! Who discovered our lesson last weekend? None of us! So, with that, the action didn’t waste any time making the collective wagering neighborhood scream with happiness or pain.Saturday

The world celebrates the 40th Anniversary of ‘The Play.’

was going through the mind of the tuba players standing on the field while the Football Gods were hectic choosing to offer us a different type of mayhem this weekend.Cal became an offending juggernaut in the fourth quarter with 21 points

, consisting of a game-clinching touchdown with less than a minute to play. However did Stanford quit? Heck no! I imply, why NOT line up to try the longest basket in school history and the second-longest basket in conference history for no factor besides to assist all of us that hammered the over( 46). Stanford down 10 drills a 61-yd FG as time ends for the W̶I̶N̶ … uhh … I imply for the OVER

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