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  • Pete Thamel, ESPNAug 25, 2023, 05:00 PM ET

ANNAPOLIS, Md.– Brian Newberry, the first-year head coach at Navy, checks out a meditation from Marcus Aurelius every day. His summertime reading list consisted of “The Inner Video Game of Tennis”– long backed by Pete Carroll for the thinking football coach– and he’s a devout fan of John Wooden’s sporting philosophy.With a bushy white

beard and a résumé that includes amateur photography and being a tourist guide at Glacier National Park, Newberry’s background isn’t from the academy handbook. After all, he’s from a landlocked state (Oklahoma) and as soon as left the football coaching profession for 6 months and pondered using to the Rocky Mountain School of Photography.Newberry’s affinity for photography, supported from his time at Glacier, has actually taught him that light can frequently change point of view. And while he does not fit the buzz-cut picture of an academy coach, he has the chance to deliver Navy football into a brand-new light.The nation will get a high-profile close-up of Newberry on

Saturday. His debut after rising from Navy’s defensive organizer can be found in Dublin, Ireland, versus No. 13 Notre Dame, the highest-profile game of Week 0 of the college football season.While his appearance might run out the military school paradigm, his hard-earned course to this area and mindset will resonate with Navy fans.Editor’s Picks 2 Associated “My approach and mentality is the exact same as when I was a defensive planner,”

Newberry said.

” We’re going to be very aggressive. We have nothing to lose.”Newberry’s path here came after a modest playing profession at Baylor was curtailed by injuries. By earning his degree in education there in 1998, he became the first member of his household to graduate from college.His first job was at Glacier National Forest in Montana, giving guided Red Bus trips in classic 1930s convertible buses. Newberry would drive a nearly 35-mile roadway through the park, through the Rockies, over the continental divide and deliver a Going-To-The-Sun Road Tour.He had about 2 weeks to prepare, which is a short time for a park with a long history. He admits to fumbling his very first few attempts.”I was a terrible tour guide,” he said.

“I got better as I went. “He likewise got photography, joking that he signed up with Instagram back in 2011 when it was more of a location for professional photographers to showcase their work than a social media platform. His Instagram features snowscapes, skies with a kaleidoscope of colors, rustic farms, beaches at sundown and the occasional awesome mountain landscape, together with portraits of his household, including his wife, Kate, and two children.He still has a Nikon 750 that he adjusts in his downtime. However he began exploring in and around Glacier, where the location near the Many Glacier Hotel remains his favorite.” The way you take a look at light and the method it hits things, and it simply changes

you,”Newberry said.”You’re more perceptive of your environments a bit.”The hobby shines a light on Newberry’s training design.”I believe I’m a little more Type B than the Type A, which is probably uncommon for coaches, “Newberry told ESPN in his workplace this spring. “The majority of them are quite organized, and that’s not a strong point for me

. It hasn’t been, and I have actually had to develop. So I believe the imagination

piece is something that I might be pretty good at. “And Newberry recognized after meddling teaching that he could possibly apply a few of that imagination in training. He was recruited to Baylor by Grant Teaff, who helped him after Newberry corresponded to almost every coach in the country.Southern Arkansas coach Steve Roberts answered, and Newberry began a bootstrap career in Magnolia,

Arkansas. While the surroundings and pay were modest, the experience was invaluable.Roberts ‘program ran the wishbone, as option football in some form has actually wound through Newberry’s career. And he quickly discovered how to operate as an underdog.” We didn’t have the greatest budget, the very best facilities,”Roberts said in a phone interview.”We did a great deal of that ourselves– painting the fields or building conference room or making 125 lockers for a locker space.

We did it all. Brian was a part of that.”Newberry’s course consists of almost two decades at lower levels before his first FBS task at Navy, which hired him as the defensive

organizer for the 2019 season. He bounced through Washington & Lee, Lehigh, back to Washington & Lee, Elon, Sewanee, Northern Michigan and Kennesaw State.Newberry appreciates of his long and winding course.” I required to be a GA and get beat down and cut yard and paint fields and clean restrooms and locker rooms and do all that stuff, “Newberry stated. “However it was incredible for me due to the fact that as a GA at Southern Arkansas, I had a recruiting area. I ran a room early on. The majority of don’t get to do that. In retrospect, that was the very best thing that could potentially occur to me. ‘Cause I got humbled a little bit and I did a great deal of groundwork, which I required to do.”Newberry worked as the protective planner for Ken Niumatalolo, the former Navy coach for whom he holds a strong gratitude. Newberry’s group will have some traits of those Navy groups and also brand-new twists: an aggressive defense under brand-new organizer P.J. Volker and some new wrinkles in the option offense under brand-new offensive coordinator Grant Chesnut, who originates from Kennesaw. “I’ve coached a great deal of places where we had to do more with less, so to speak,”Newberry stated.” Which’s definitely the case here. The players understand that we have to be the closest team in the country. We need to be the most disciplined team in the nation. We got to be tougher than everybody else. We’ve got to play more difficult than everyone else.”Whether or not those intangibles come together will unfold in front of millions on Saturday. Navy is a 21-point underdog to Notre Dame, as Newberry has

a grand phase to reveal the new-look Midshipmen.” In the ideal light at the right time, “Newberry stated of the lessons from photography,”whatever is amazing.”And on Saturday in Dublin, Navy will try any method possible to provide a remarkable photo in the first snapshot the nation will get of its first-year coach.

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