Kiper’s favorite 2023 draft potential customers at every position: 14 picks,

Every NFL draft cycle, as Round 1 nears and I begin to lock in my final Big Board rankings, I like to pick my favorite potential customers at every position for the class. It has ended up being a custom, highlighting players I like more than a lot of, despite where they get drafted and where I have them ranked at their position. This year, I even threw in a fullback and kicker.What follows

below is not a list of the very best general prospects in the 2023 class nor is it a list of the guys I consider the very best at each position. These are the prospects I’ve:

  • Frequently rated greater than other critics within the draft media or than team evaluators with whom I discuss potential customers, or …

  • Ranked greater in close disputes within position groups, or …

  • Enjoyed and rewatched on tape, even if I like the way they play.Got it? I attempt not to take the

    apparent prospects– just 3 of my favorites remain in my leading 25 rankings. We’ll start with my favorite passer in this class and I’ll include forecasts on the round in which each possibility is likely to be drafted. I’ll likewise offer a couple of enjoyable notes and statistics for all 14 potential customers. Round 1 starts April 27 at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN, ABC and the ESPN App: Quarterback

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