College Football Odds: Opening Lines, Values Week 13

The early college football lines and odds for Week 13 of the 2022 season. Where are the potential values?

College Football Week 13 Opening Lines Early Odds

What are the opening lines for Week 13 of the college football season, and what should they probably be?

Without looking I make a guess at what the opening lines will be, and then go back and add the real ones after to see just how off I am.

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College Football Week 13 Lines: Tuesday, November 22

Ball State at Miami University
Fiu Early Guess: Miami University -4.5
Actual Line: Miami University -3

Bowling Green at Ohio
Fiu Early Guess: Ohio -11
Actual Line: Ohio -7.5

College Football Week 13 Lines: Thursday, November 24

Mississippi State at Ole Miss
Fiu Early Guess: Ole Miss -6.5
Actual Line: Ole Miss -3.5

College Football Week 13 Lines: Friday, November 25

Tulane at Cincinnati
Fiu Early Guess: Cincinnati -4.5
Actual Line: Cincinnati -2.5

Baylor at Texas
Fiu Early Guess: Texas -8.5
Actual Line: Texas -8

Utah State at Boise State
Fiu Early Guess: Boise State -15.5
Actual Line: Boise State -16

Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Eastern Michigan -4
Actual Line: Eastern Michigan -1.5

Toledo at Western Michigan
Fiu Early Guess: Toledo -7
Actual Line: Toledo -7.5

Arizona State at Arizona
Fiu Early Guess: Arizona -7.5
Actual Line: Arizona -4

NC State at North Carolina
Fiu Early Guess: North Carolina -9
Actual Line: North Carolina -6.5

Arkansas at Missouri
Fiu Early Guess: Arkansas -3
Actual Line: Arkansas -4

New Mexico at Colorado State
Fiu Early Guess: Colorado State -3.5
Actual Line: Colorado State -7

Nebraska at Iowa
Fiu Early Guess: Iowa -8.5
Actual Line: Iowa -10.5

UCLA at Cal
Fiu Early Guess: UCLA -13
Actual Line: UCLA -9

Florida at Florida State
Fiu Early Guess: Florida State -6.5
Actual Line: Florida State -9.5

Virginia at Virginia Tech
Fiu Early Guess: Virginia -3
Actual Line: Virginia Tech -1.5

College Football Week 13 Lines: Saturday, November 26

Georgia Tech at Georgia
Fiu Early Guess: Georgia -30
Actual Line: Georgia -35

Michigan at Ohio State
Fiu Early Guess: Ohio State-7.5
Actual Line: Ohio State -8.5

South Carolina at Clemson
Fiu Early Guess: Clemson -7.5
Actual Line: Clemson -14.5

West Virginia at Oklahoma State
Fiu Early Guess: Oklahoma State -7.5
Actual Line: Oklahoma State -8.5

Army at UMass
Fiu Early Guess: Army -17
Actual Line: Army -20

New Mexico State at Liberty
Fiu Early Guess: Liberty -27
Actual Line: Liberty -24

Rutgers at Maryland
Fiu Early Guess: Maryland -13.5
Actual Line: Marland -14

Coastal Carolina at James Madison
Fiu Early Guess: James Madison -9
Actual Line: James Madison -14

Old Dominion at South Alabama
Fiu Early Guess: South Alabama -13
Actual Line: South Alabama -16.5

Georgia State at Marshall
Fiu Early Guess: Marshall -8
Actual Line: Marshall -6

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