Bottom 10: Where Jimbo Fisher can finally be appreciated

Inspirational idea of the week: You need to think on a different level, like the CIA does.We’re through the looking glass here, people.White is black.And black
is white.
— Kevin Costner as Jim

Garrison,”JFK”Under the supervision of the reverse vampires, they are forcing our parents to go to bed early,
In a fiendish plot to remove the meal of dinner!We are through the looking glass here, individuals.– Milhouse Van Houten,”The Simpsons”Here at Bottom 10 Headquarters, located in Jeff Saturday’s just-vacated wardrobe closet at ESPN, we invested last weekend crystalizing our already-strong feelings that when it pertains to knowledge, we understand nothing.The Vanderbilt Commode Doors have actually been a pillar of the 2022 Bottom 10, whether they were ranked or sitting on the Waiting List, the losers of 26 straight SEC games long having actually put the “mean “in”It Just Means More.”Then they beat No. 24 Kentucky in Lexington.It was simply 2 weeks ago that we promoted/demoted #gobc, aka Boston College, into these standings, after four straight losses. Then they beat No. 16 NC State.By The Time I Get To Arizona

knocked off No. 12 UCLA. The Artist Formerly Called Pur-don’t upset No. 21 Ill-ugh-noise. And in Storrs, Connecticut, the team we utilized to call U-Can’t absolutely U-Did, snuffing out the AP’s 19th-ranked Liberty Flames to become bowl eligible for the very first time in 7 years.Assume yes, constantly!.?.!— Ryan McGee(@ESPNMcGee)November 12, 2022 However to be clear, this is no conspiracy theory. This is genuine. The Bottom 10 multiverse is legit. We know this because we walked through the looking glass. OK, we actually strolled into a sliding

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