‘There ain’t no curfew:’ Mike Brey does shots after last

Notre Dame Battling Irish men’s basketball coach Mike Brey is ending his time in South Bend partying.Brey, who led the Irish to the NCAA competition 13 times in his 23 seasons as head coach, is having an ignominious final season. Notre Dame is 11-19 this season and next to last in the ACC standings.Top stories of the week from Get unique access to more than

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QBs “- Who’s on the bubble in males’s CBB? “- NHL trade grades: Newest deals “
More ESPN +content”However, Brey got a win
in his last home game, as the

Irish beat the No. 25 Pittsburgh Panthers on Wednesday night. Brey commemorated at a regional landmark.On Tuesday, Brey said he would be at the Linebacker Lounge

, win or lose, following Wednesday’s game.”We’re closing that sucker,”stated Brey, who likewise stated he had

never been to the bar/restaurant that sits across the street from Notre Dame’s school.”There ain’t no curfew.”A shot of Jameson for Notre Dame head coach Mike Brey. As on-brand as ever. pic.twitter.com/wQ99gw87RE!.?.!— Tyler Horka(@tbhorka)March 2, 2023

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