Sources: Pac-12 TV offer most likely couple of months away

5:25 PM ET Pete ThamelESPN The timeline for the Pac-12’s upcoming television deal is coming

into focus, and sources informed

ESPN on Thursday that no offer is expected for a couple of more months.With Pac-12 CEOs set to meet next week, sources told ESPN to not expect an offer to be announced. The timeline for a Pac-12 television offer, according to sources, is sometime later this spring or this summer.There ‘d been current comments from league presidents that suggested an offer was perhaps coming sooner.

Arizona president Bobby Robbins utilized weeks as a timeline in a recent interview, and Arizona State president Michael Crow told The State Press the league remained in the”lasts”of tv agreement discussions.Editor’s Picks 2 Associated Those timelines appear too optimistic, as the Pac-12 remains engaged with several media partners, per sources. Those consist of


services, which have developed a reputation for intentional agreement negotiations, in part since they don’t have the same years of experience in the area as traditional networks.The Pac-12’s television deal is straight connected to the fate and future of the league, as the conference is looking for a supporting deal in the wake of the departures of USC and

UCLA to the Huge Ten.The Pac-12 has one more year on its existing offer, as ESPN and FOX still hold the primary rights through the 2023-24 season.The timeline of the Pac-12 has been a matter of intrigue, especially

as the departure of the Los Angeles schools has combined with the Huge 12 securing a deal with ESPN and FOX a year

prior to it was arranged to go to market.That has actually left an intense concentrate on what quality of deal the Pac-12 can find. The timeline of the deal, as currently anticipated, seems in line with how the Big Ten’s timeline unfolded. The Big Ten’s deal was announced

in August, nearly a year from when the brand-new one would enter fulfillment.

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