Source: NCAA weighs modification to move eligibility

  • Heather Dinich, ESPN Senior WriterApr 8, 2024, 08:42 PM ET


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The NCAA Department I Council might adopt emergency legislation this month for a new transfer rule that would enable all undergraduate athletes to transfer and play immediately if they meet particular academic requirements, a source confirmed to ESPN on Monday.The proposed legislation, which was first reported by The Athletic, would not restrict the variety of times an athlete can transfer. Professional athletes would still have two transfer windows and would not have the ability to move midyear and play for a 2nd school in the same season.In December, the NCAA proposed this policy in reaction to

a West Virginia judge’s ruling that meant to stop the organization from imposing its bylaw barring athletes from moving multiple times and playing best method. The NCAA accepted terms on an initial injunction that goes through at least completion of the academic year.Previously, the NCAA’s one-time transfer rule allowed professional athletes to play immediately at the first school they transferred to, however they then needed to remain a year if they transferred once again– or use to the NCAA for a waiver to complete instantly. In January, the U.S. Department of Justice joined the lawsuit versus the NCAA’s transfer rules, which argues the restrictions on transfers violate antitrust law.According to the modified complaint for injunctive relief, submitted in January, the NCAA’s transfer bylaw”unjustifiably limits the capability of these college professional athletes to participate in the marketplace for their labor as NCAA Department I college professional athletes.”The Department I Council’s next conference is scheduled April 17-18.

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