Source: 4 ACC schools opposed to Cal, Stanford

  • Andrea Adelson, ESPN

    • Senior WriterAug 11, 2023, 08:08 PM ET Close ACC reporter.
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    • Graduate of the University of Florida.Four ACC schools are

opposed to adding Cal and Stanford, a source validated to ESPN, however growth conversations are not entirely over since Friday evening.Though there is no call currently set up for the presidents to speak about growth once again, the discussions continue in the hopes that possibly they can get to 12″ yes”votes, the necessary number to add groups. Florida State, North Carolina, Clemson and NC State are opposed, a source said, validating news first reported by Sports Illustrated.One source described the expansion conversation as being” on life assistance, “two days after ESPN reported the talks among the presidents

hit “substantial roadblocks”following a call among presidents on Wednesday night.Multiple sources suggested there is no deadline to make any choice for the ACC, and a presidents call could be scheduled at any time. A vote will be taken only if there suffice yes votes. One source believed a choice needs to have been made during the Wednesday call:”I would think of that there’s not much more for them to discuss. I would believe that the next product on the agenda is to decide.”Editor’s Picks

  • 1 Related It must be noted the four schools that are opposed are among a group of seven schools that have actually had different conversations amongst themselves taking a look at the ACC grant of rights and a course forward. The ACC grant of rights connects the league together through completion of its television agreement with ESPN in 2036 and gives the conference control over member school’s media earnings and broadcast rights.For Cal and Stanford, the clock is ticking as they assess their future options.There is appeal amongst a majority of the presidents to add Cal and Stanford from a scholastic and Olympic sports point of view. There is not nearly as much appeal amongst sports directors, however, for a host of reasons, consisting of football, financial resources and West Coast travel.The ACC is facing a$30 million annual income gap with the

    SEC and Big 10, and the top priority for athletics directors in the league is to try to substantially enhance revenue in the league. The ACC has actually taken a look at growth options over the previous 2 years however has not added any schools due to the fact that they do not enhance the conference’s monetary situation.That is likewise the case with Cal and Stanford. Neither school would contribute to the monetary bottom line

    , sources indicated. However there is another part at play here that might be more enticing than financial resources. With Florida State president Richard McCullough telling his board of trustees recently the university would need to”very seriously”consider leaving the ACC unless there is a radical change to the conference’s earnings distribution model, including schools might help strengthen the conference into the future.Any group that wants to leave the ACC for next season must inform the league by Aug. 15. Perhaps that is why talks are not entirely over, as there continues to be a waiting

    game to see what Florida State does. Though numerous sources suggested it appears not likely the Seminoles will do anything by Aug. 15, there is a little a thinking game involved in what could happen.With the possibility of adding no schools on the table, and understanding Florida State is serious about leaving, possibly the Seminoles open more doors to getting what they desire– a change

    in the way tv revenue is distributed. Or possibly their vocalness will not change anything. More clearness is expected once the deadline passes.

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