Men’s college basketball comings and goings for 2024-25

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It sounds good, right?

Well, it doesn’t exist. Not yet, at least.

While the 2023-24 men’s college basketball season officially ended on April 8 in Glendale, Arizona, the past four weeks of roster machinations have been busier than the previous five months of games. Between the coaching carousel, NBA draft decisions, high school recruitments, the transfer portal — especially the transfer portal — and the extra year of eligibility for seniors, the personnel movement around the country has been endless.

Keeping track of the comings and goings has become borderline impossible, but that’s where we come in. As we’ve done the past couple of years, we’re sharing all of our roster changes research.

Some of the classifications are self-explanatory, but here’s a quick refresher on others.

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  • Departed or expected to depart: Includes players who declared for the NBA draft without any intention to return, current seniors who haven’t made their plans known and players who have entered the transfer portal.

  • In limbo: Includes players whose status is up in the air — most likely they have entered the NBA draft but could return to college.

  • Expected to return: Includes players who have confirmed they’re returning to school, or haven’t yet made other plans.

  • Newcomer rankings are according to ESPN’s recruiting database.

This page will be constantly updated throughout the offseason. I’m bound to make mistakes or miss some decisions — particularly when it comes to seniors returning to school — so point out any errors to me on X (formerly known as Twitter) at @jeffborzello.

Last updated: May 2, 2024

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Departed or expected to depart: Quinten Post (17.0 PPG), Claudell Harris Jr. (13.7 PPG), Devin McGlockton (10.2 PPG), Jaeden Zackery (11.3 PPG), Prince Aligbe (4.7 PPG), Mason Madsen (8.1 PPG), Armani Mighty (0.8 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Donald Hand Jr. (5.0 PPG), Chas Kelley III (3.7 PPG), Elijah Strong (2.7 PPG), Fred Payne (1.6 PPG), Jayden Hastings (redshirt)
Incoming transfers: Dion Brown (19.0 PPG at UMBC), Josh Beadle (3.0 PPG at Clemson), Chad Venning (13.4 PPG at St. Bonaventure)
Incoming freshmen: Luke Toews (NR), Nick Petronio (NR)

Head coach: Earl Grant

Departed or expected to depart: Jaylon Tyson (19.6 PPG), Fardaws Aimaq (14.5 PPG), Jalen Cone (13.4 PPG), Keonte Kennedy (9.3 PPG), Jalen Celestine (8.7 PPG), Grant Newell (5.5 PPG), Devin Askew (6.2 PPG), ND Okafor (1.9 PPG), Rodney Brown Jr. (3.5 PPG), Monty Bowser (0.3 PPG), Gus Larson (1.4 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Devin Curtis (0.4 PPG), Vladimir Pavlovic (0.9 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Andrej Stojakovic (7.8 PPG at Stanford), B.J. Omot (16.7 PPG at North Dakota), Rytis Petraitis (15.7 PPG at Air Force), Joshua Ola-Joseph (7.5 PPG at Minnesota), Mady Sissoko (3.3 PPG at Michigan State), Lee Dort (1.0 PPG at Vanderbilt), DJ Campbell (11.6 at Western Carolina), Christian Tucker (11.3 PPG at UTSA), Jeff Nwankwo (juco)
Incoming freshmen: Jeremiah Wilkinson (NR)

Head coach: Mark Madsen

Departed or expected to depart: Joseph Girard III (15.1 PPG), Jack Clark (4.7 PPG), Alex Hemenway (5.2 PPG), Josh Beadle (3.0 PPG), RJ Godfrey (6.1 PPG), Bas Leyte (0.8 PPG)
In limbo: PJ Hall (18.3 PPG), Chase Hunter (12.9 PPG)
Expected to return: Ian Schieffelin (10.1 PPG), Chauncey Wiggins (5.4 PPG), Dillon Hunter (2.3 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Viktor Lakhin (9.2 PPG at Cincinnati), Jaeden Zackery (11.3 PPG at Boston College), Jake Heidbreder (15.1 PPG at Air Force in 2022-23)
Incoming freshmen: Dallas Thomas (No. 83 in ESPN 100), Ace Buckner (three-star), Del Jones (four-star), Asa Thomas (redshirt)

Head coach: Brad Brownell

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Departed or expected to depart: Kyle Filipowski (16.4 PPG), Jared McCain (14.3 PPG), Jeremy Roach (14.0 PPG), Mark Mitchell (11.6 PPG), Ryan Young (2.8 PPG), Sean Stewart (2.6 PPG), TJ Power (2.1 PPG), Jaylen Blakes (1.8 PPG), Christian Reeves (1.7 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Tyrese Proctor (10.5 PPG), Caleb Foster (7.7 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Maliq Brown (9.5 PPG at Syracuse), Mason Gillis (6.5 PPG at Purdue)
Incoming freshmen: Cooper Flagg (No. 1 in ESPN 100), Khaman Maluach (five-star), Isaiah Evans (No. 14 in ESPN 100), Kon Knueppel (No. 18 in ESPN 100), Pat Ngongba (No. 25 in ESPN 100), Darren Harris (No. 29 in ESPN 100)

Head coach: Jon Scheyer

Departed or expected to depart: Jamir Watkins (15.6 PPG), Darin Green Jr. (11.3 PPG), Primo Spears (10.6 PPG), Cam Corhen (9.4 PPG), Baba Miller (7.6 PPG), Jalen Warley (7.5 PPG), Cam’Ron Fletcher (6.7 PPG), De’Ante Green (4.5 PPG), Jaylan Gainey (2.8 PPG), Josh Nickelberry (2.5 PPG), Tom House (1.4 PPG), Waka Mbatch, Sola Adebisi
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Chandler Jackson (4.9 PPG), Taylor Bol Bowen (3.1 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Bostyn Holt (12.3 PPG at South Dakota), Jerry Deng (10.1 PPG at Hampton), Justin Thomas (7.3 PPG at UTSA), Malique Ewin (JUCO)
Incoming freshmen: DaQuan Davis (four-star), A.J. Swinton (four-star), Christian Nitu (NR)

Head coach: Leonard Hamilton

Departed or expected to depart: Miles Kelly (13.9 PPG), Kyle Sturdivant (8.8 PPG), Dallan Coleman (5.9 PPG), Amaree Abram (3.4 PPG), Tafara Gapare (5.1 PPG), Tyzhaun Claude (4.8 PPG), Ibrahima Sacko (2.2 PPG), Ebenezer Dowuona (1.0 PPG), Carter Murphy (1.8 PPG)
In limbo: Baye Ndongo (12.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Naithan George (9.8 PPG), Kowacie Reeves Jr. (8.8 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Javian McCollum (13.3 PPG at Oklahoma), Luke O’Brien (6.7 PPG at Colorado), Jalen Forrest (11.3 PPG at Presbyterian in 2022-23)
Incoming freshmen: Jaeden Mustaf (No. 63 in ESPN 100), Darrion Sutton (four-star), Doryan Onwuchekwa (four-star), Cole Kirouac (three-star)

Head coach: Damon Stoudamire

Departed or expected to depart: Skyy Clark (13.2 PPG), Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (12.9 PPG), Mike James (12.6 PPG), Tre White (12.3 PPG), JJ Traynor (10.1 PPG), Ty-Laur Johnson (8.7 PPG), Kaleb Glenn (3.9 PPG), Curtis Williams (5.3 PPG), Emmanuel Okorafor (2.4 PPG), Dennis Evans (1.6 PPG), Danilo Jovanovich (1.2 PPG), Hercy Miller (1.1 PPG), Zan Payne, Koron Davis
In limbo: None
Expected to return: None
Incoming transfers: Terrence Edwards Jr. (17.2 PPG at James Madison), Chucky Hepburn (9.2 PPG at Wisconsin), Koren Johnson (11.1 PPG at Washington), J’Vonne Hadley (11.6 PPG at Colorado), Aboubacar Traore (12.0 PPG at Long Beach State), Aly Khalifa (5.7 PPG at BYU), Reyne Smith (12.8 PPG at Charleston), James Scott (5.0 PPG at Charleston)
Incoming freshmen: None

Head coach: Pat Kelsey

Departed or expected to depart: Norchad Omier (17.0 PPG), Wooga Poplar (13.1 PPG), Bensley Joseph (9.6 PPG), Kyshawn George (7.6 PPG), Christian Watson (2.8 PPG), Michael Nwoko (2.7 PPG), AJ Casey (1.9 PPG), Jakai Robinson (1.0 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Matthew Cleveland (13.7 PPG), Nijel Pack (13.3 PPG), Paul Djobet (2.4 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Jalen Blackmon (21.3 PPG at Stetson), Brandon Johnson (14.0 PPG at East Carolina), Lynn Kidd (13.2 PPG at Virginia Tech)
Incoming freshmen: Jalil Bethea (No. 10 in ESPN 100), Austin Swartz (No. 47 in ESPN 100), Isaiah Johnson-Arigu (four-star)

Head coach: Jim Larrañaga

Departed or expected to depart: DJ Horne (16.9 PPG), DJ Burns Jr. (12.9 PPG), Casey Morsell (11.1 PPG), Mohamed Diarra (6.3 PPG), LJ Thomas (2.6 PPG), Kam Woods (1.2 PPG), Ernest Ross
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Jayden Taylor (11.2 PPG), Ben Middlebrooks (5.7 PPG), Michael O’Connell (5.7 PPG), Dennis Parker Jr. (4.7 PPG), MJ Rice (4.1 PPG), Breon Pass (1.3 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Brandon Huntley-Hatfield (12.9 PPG at Louisville), Dontrez Styles (12.8 PPG at Georgetown), Mike James (12.6 PPG at Louisville), Marcus Hill (20.5 PPG at Bowling Green)
Incoming freshmen: Paul McNeil (No. 45 in ESPN 100), Tremayne Parker (three-star)

Head coach: Kevin Keatts

Departed or expected to depart: Armando Bacot (14.5 PPG), Harrison Ingram (12.2 PPG), Cormac Ryan (11.5 PPG), Paxson Wojcik (1.6 PPG), James Okonkwo (1.0 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return:RJ Davis (21.2 PPG), Elliot Cadeau (7.3 PPG), Seth Trimble (5.2 PPG), Jae’Lyn Withers (4.2 PPG), Jalen Washington (3.9 PPG), Zayden High (0.8 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Cade Tyson (16.2 PPG at Belmont)
Incoming freshmen: Ian Jackson (No. 7 in ESPN 100), Drake Powell (No. 13 in ESPN 100), James Brown (No. 66 in ESPN 100)

Head coach: Hubert Davis

Departed or expected to depart: Carey Booth (6.4 PPG), Matt Zona (2.3 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Markus Burton (17.5 PPG), Tae Davis (9.2 PPG), Braeden Shrewsberry (10.2 PPG), J.R. Konieczny (7.7 PPG), Julian Roper II (5.4 PPG), Kebba Njie (4.3 PPG), Logan Imes (2.0 PP
Incoming transfers: Matt Allocco (12.7 PPG at Princeton)
Incoming freshmen: Nasir Mohammed (No. 57 in ESPN 100), Cole Certa (No. 89 in ESPN 100), Garrett Sundra (four-star)

Head coach: Micah Shrewsberry

Departed or expected to depart: Blake Hinson (18.5 PPG), Carlton Carrington (13.8 PPG), Federiko Federiko (4.7 PPG), Michael Hueitt Jr. (3.2 PPG), William Jeffress (1.6 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Ishmael Leggett (12.3 PPG), Jaland Lowe (9.6 PPG), Jorge Diaz Graham (3.5 PPG), Guillermo Diaz Graham (6.7 PPG), Zack Austin (6.5 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Cam Corhen (9.4 PPG at Florida State), Damian Dunn (6.4 PPG at Houston)
Incoming freshmen: Brandin Cummings (four-star), Amdy Ndiaye (NR), Marlon Barnes Jr. (redshirt), Papa Kante (redshirt)

Head coach: Jeff Capel

Departed or expected to depart: Zhuric Phelps (14.8 PPG), Samuell Williamson (8.3 PPG), Tyreek Smith (8.2 PPG), Jalen Smith (5.9 PPG), Ricardo Wright (6.7 PPG), Ja’Heim Hudson (5.4 PPG), Emory Lanier (3.8 PPG), Mo Njie (0.8 PPG), Denver Anglin, Xavier Foster
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Chuck Harris (13.4 PPG), Keon Ambrose-Hylton (6.9 PPG), B.J. Edwards (3.7 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Kevin Miller (15.6 PPG at Wake Forest), Kario Oquendo (7.2 PPG at Oregon), AJ George (10.6 PPG at Long Beach State), Yohan Traore (14.5 PPG at UC Santa Barbara)
Incoming freshmen: Mitchell Holmes (NR), Chance Puryear (three-star)

Head coach: Andy Enfield

Departed or expected to depart: Kanaan Carlyle (11.5 PPG), Andrej Stojakovic (7.8 PPG), Brandon Angel (13.0 PPG), Jared Bynum (6.9 PPG), Spencer Jones (11.7 PPG), Michael Jones (10.8 PPG), James Keefe (2.4 PPG), Max Murrell (2.6 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Maxime Raynaud (15.5 PPG), Benny Gealer (4.2 PPG), Ryan Agarwal (2.4 PPG), Jaylen Thompson (1.0 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Cole Kastner (lacrosse at Virginia)
Incoming freshmen: Elijah Crawford (No. 98 in ESPN 100), Evan Stinson (NR), Tallis Toure (NR)

Head coach: Kyle Smith

Departed or expected to depart: Judah Mintz (18.8 PPG), Maliq Brown (9.5 PPG), Quadir Copeland (9.6 PPG), Justin Taylor (5.0 PPG), Benny Williams (5.4 PPG), Peter Carey (0.6 PPG), Mounir Hima (0.3 PPG), William Patterson
In limbo: None
Expected to return: JJ Starling (13.3 PPG), Chris Bell (12.0 PPG), Kyle Cuffe Jr. (3.2 PPG), Naheem McLeod (3.9 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Eddie Lampkin Jr. (10.6 PPG at Colorado), Jyare Davis (17.1 PPG at Delaware), Jaquan Carlos (10.4 PPG at Hofstra), Chance Westry (2.5 PPG at Auburn in 2022-23)
Incoming freshmen: Donavan Freeman (No. 6 in ESPN 100), Elijah Moore (four-star)

Head coach: Adrian “Red” Autry

Departed or expected to depart: Reece Beekman (14.3 PPG), Ryan Dunn (8.1 PPG), Jacob Groves (7.4 PPG), Jordan Minor (4.3 PPG), Leon Bond III (4.1 PPG), Dante Harris (2.5 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Isaac McKneely (12.3 PPG), Andrew Rohde (4.3 PPG), Taine Murray (3.3 PPG), Blake Buchanan (3.4 PPG), Elijah Gertrude (3.4 PPG)
Incoming transfers: None
Incoming freshmen: Jacob Cofie (No. 56 in ESPN 100), Ishan Sharma (three-star), Christian Bliss (redshirt), Anthony Robinson (redshirt)

Head coach: Tony Bennett

Departed or expected to depart: Sean Pedulla (16.4 PPG), Hunter Cattoor (13.5 PPG), Lynn Kidd (13.2 PPG), Tyler Nickel (8.8 PPG), MJ Collins (7.4 PPG), Mekhi Long (3.7 PPG), Rodney Rice, Robbie Beran (5.6 PPG), John Camden (1.9 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Mylyjael Poteat (6.4 PPG), Brandon Rechsteiner (1.8 PPG), Jaydon Young (1.8 PPG), Patrick Wessler (0.9 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Rodney Brown Jr. (3.5 PPG at Cal), Ben Burnham (11.9 PPG at Charleston), Hysier Miller (15.9 PPG at Temple), Toibu Lawal (7.7 PPG at VCU)
Incoming freshmen: Ryan Jones (No. 70 in ESPN 100), Tyler Johnson (four-star)

Head coach: Mike Young

Departed or expected to depart: Kevin Miller (15.6 PPG), Andrew Carr (13.5 PPG), Matthew Marsh (1.7 PPG), Damari Monsanto (5.1 PPG), Zach Keller (1.6 PPG), Abramo Canka (0.5 PPG), Jao Ituka, Aaron Clark
In limbo: Hunter Sallis (18.0 PPG)
Expected to return: Cameron Hildreth (13.8 PPG), Efton Reid III (9.6 PPG), Parker Friedrichsen (5.1 PPG), Marqus Marion (1.1 PPG)
Incoming transfers: TreVon Spillers (12.8 PPG at Appalachian State), Omaha Biliew (2.4 PPG at Iowa State), Davin Cosby Jr. (3.6 PPG at Alabama)
Incoming freshmen: Juke Harris (No. 77 in ESPN 100)

Head coach: Steve Forbes

Big East

Departed or expected to depart: DJ Davis (13.5 PPG), Posh Alexander (11.3 PPG), Jalen Thomas (7.7 PPG), Connor Turnbull (4.1 PPG), Artemios Gavalas
In limbo: Jahmyl Telfort (13.9 PPG)
Expected to return: Pierre Brooks (14.8 PPG), Andre Screen (5.2 PPG), Finley Bizjack (4.2 PPG), Landon Moore (3.8 PPG), Boden Kapke (2.0 PPG), Augusto Cassia (0.6 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Jamie Kaiser Jr. (4.1 PPG at Maryland), Patrick McCaffery (8.9 PPG at Iowa), Kolby King (10.4 PPG at Tulane)
Incoming freshmen: Evan Haywood (NR)

Head coach: Thad Matta

Departed or expected to depart: Baylor Scheierman (18.5 PPG), Trey Alexander (17.6 PPG), Francisco Farabello (3.8 PPG), Fredrick King (2.6 PPG), Josiah Dotzler (1.3 PPG), Johnathan Lawson (0.6 PPG), Brock Vice
In limbo: Steven Ashworth (11.1 PPG)
Expected to return: Ryan Kalkbrenner (17.3 PPG), Mason Miller (5.6 PPG), Isaac Traudt (2.9 PPG), Jasen Green (1.6 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Jamiya Neal (11.0 PPG at Arizona State), Pop Isaacs (15.8 PPG at Texas Tech)
Incoming freshmen: Jackson McAndrew (No. 36 in ESPN 100), Larry Johnson (No. 75 in ESPN 100), Ty Davis (three-star), Sterling Knox (redshirt)

Head coach: Greg McDermott

Departed or expected to depart: Chico Carter Jr. (10.9 PPG), Da’Sean Nelson (9.7 PPG), Jaden Henley (8.6 PPG), Jalen Terry (8.5 PPG), Jeremiah Oden (7.6 PPG), Caleb Murphy (5.6 PPG), Elijah Fisher (10.2 PPG), Churchill Abass (3.9 PPG), K.T. Raimey (6.8 PPG), Keyondre Young (3.0 PPG), Mac Etienne (1.6 PPG), Dramane Camara, Mo Sall
In limbo: None
Expected to return: None
Incoming transfers: JJ Traynor (10.1 PPG at Louisville), Jacob Meyer (15.7 PPG at Coastal Carolina), CJ Gunn (3.9 PPG at Indiana), Conor Enright (6.9 PPG at Drake), N.J. Benson (8.6 PPG at Missouri State), Troy D’Amico (9.3 PPG at Southern Illinois), Isaiah Rivera (15.4 PPG at UIC), David Thomas (11.0 PPG at Mercer), David Skogman (13.3 PPG at Richmond), Patrick Suemnick (4.1 PPG at West Virginia)
Incoming freshmen: Chris Riddle (three-star), Sekou Konneh (NR)

Head coach: Chris Holtmann

Departed or expected to depart: Dontrez Styles (12.8 PPG), Supreme Cook (10.5 PPG), Jay Heath (8.2 PPG), Rowan Brumbaugh (8.3 PPG), Wayne Bristol Jr. (3.7 PPG), Ismael Massoud (5.6 PPG), Ryan Mutombo (0.7 PPG), Cam Bacote (0.7 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Jayden Epps (18.5 PPG), Drew Fielder (5.2 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Malik Mack (17.2 PPG at Harvard), Micah Peavy (10.9 PPG at TCU), Curtis Williams (5.3 PPG at Louisville)
Incoming freshmen: Thomas Sorber (No. 53 in ESPN 100), Kayvaun Mulready (No. 79 in ESPN 100), Caleb Williams (four-star), Drew McKenna (redshirt)

Head coach: Ed Cooley

Departed or expected to depart: Tyler Kolek (15.3 PPG), Oso Ighodaro (13.4 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Kam Jones (17.2 PPG), Stevie Mitchell (8.8 PPG), David Joplin (10.8 PPG), Sean Jones (5.8 PPG), Chase Ross (6.1 PPG), Ben Gold (5.0 PPG), Tre Norman (2.0 PPG), Zaide Lowery (1.6 PPG), Al Amadou (1.2 PPG)
Incoming transfers: None
Incoming freshmen: Damarius Owens (No. 81 in ESPN 100), Royce Parham (four-star), Caedin Hamilton (redshirt)

Head coach: Shaka Smart

Departed or expected to depart: Devin Carter (19.7 PPG), Josh Oduro (15.9 PPG), Ticket Gaines (8.5 PPG), Rafael Castro (2.9 PPG), Garwey Dual (3.3 PPG)
In limbo: Oswin Erhunmwunse (No. 31 in ESPN 100 for 2025)
Expected to return: Bryce Hopkins (15.5 PPG), Jayden Pierre (9.5 PPG), Corey Floyd (4.8 PPG), Rich Barron (4.4 PPG), Justyn Fernandez (4.1 PPG at George Mason in 2022-23), Eli DeLaurier, Anton Bonke
Incoming transfers: Bensley Joseph (9.6 PPG at Miami), Jabri Abdur-Rahim (12.2 PPG at Georgia), Christ Essandoko (8.2 PPG at Saint Joseph’s), Wesley Cardet Jr. (18.7 PPG at Chicago State)
Incoming freshmen: Ryan Mela (NR)

Head coach: Kim English

Departed or expected to depart: Kadary Richmond (15.7 PPG), Al-Amir Dawes (15.0 PPG), Dre Davis (15.0 PPG), Dylan Addae-Wusu (8.6 PPG), Jaden Bediako (8.1 PPG), Elijah Hutchins-Everett (3.5 PPG), Jaquan Sanders (2.7 PPG), Malachi Brown (1.3 PPG), Arda Ozdogan (0.7 PPG), Sadraque NgaNga (1.1 PPG), JaQuan Harris
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Isaiah Coleman (5.4 PPG), David Tubek (0.8 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Scotty Middleton (4.4 PPG at Ohio State), Prince Aligbe (4.7 PPG at Boston College), Gus Yalden (redshirt at Wisconsin)
Incoming freshmen: Godswill Erheriene (four-star), Jahseem Felton (three-star)

Head coach: Shaheen Holloway

Departed or expected to depart: Daniss Jenkins (14.9 PPG), Joel Soriano (13.8 PPG), Jordan Dingle (11.6 PPG), Chris Ledlum (9.5 PPG), Nahiem Alleyne (6.4 PPG), Sean Conway (2.0 PPG), Glenn Taylor Jr. (4.4 PPG), Drissa Traore (1.7 PPG), Cruz Davis (1.8 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: RJ Luis Jr. (10.9 PPG), Zuby Ejiofor (4.3 PPG), Simeon Wilcher (2.8 PPG), Brady Dunlap (3.2 PPG), Sadiku Ibine Ayo
Incoming transfers: Vincent Iwuchukwu (5.5 PPG at USC), Aaron Scott (11.0 PPG at North Texas)
Incoming freshmen: Jaiden Glover (No. 72 in ESPN 100), Khaman Maker (four-star), Lefteris Liotopoulos (NR)

Head coach: Rick Pitino

Departed or expected to depart: Tristen Newton (15.1 PPG), Cam Spencer (14.3 PPG), Donovan Clingan (13.0 PPG), Stephon Castle (11.1 PPG), Apostolos Roumoglou (1.0 PPG)
In limbo: Alex Karaban (13.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Samson Johnson (5.4 PPG), Hassan Diarra (6.1 PPG), Solomon Ball (3.3 PPG), Jaylin Stewart (2.5 PPG), Jayden Ross (0.7 PPG), Youssouf Singare (0.2 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Tarris Reed Jr. (9.0 PPG at Michigan), Aidan Mahaney (13.9 PPG at Saint Mary’s)
Incoming freshmen: Liam McNeeley (No. 9 in ESPN 100), Ahmad Nowell (No. 34 in ESPN 100), Isaiah Abraham (No. 58 in ESPN 100)

Head coach: Dan Hurley

Departed or expected to depart: TJ Bamba (10.1 PPG), Justin Moore (9.8 PPG), Tyler Burton (7.5 PPG), Hakim Hart (6.3 PPG), Brendan Hausen (6.2 PPG), Lance Ware (1.2 PPG), Chris Arcidiacono (0.1 PPG), Trey Patterson
In limbo: Eric Dixon (16.6 PPG)
Expected to return: Mark Armstrong (8.4 PPG), Jordan Longino (6.6 PPG), Nnanna Njoku (0.8 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Tyler Perkins (13.7 PPG at Penn), Jhamir Brickus (13.9 PPG at La Salle)
Incoming freshmen: Josiah Moseley (No. 69 in ESPN 100), Matthew Hodge (No. 92 in ESPN 100), Malcolm Thomas (three-star), Jordann Dumont (redshirt)

Head coach: Kyle Neptune

Departed or expected to depart: Quincy Olivari (19.1 PPG), Desmond Claude (16.6 PPG), Abou Ousmane (6.7 PPG), Gytis Nemeiksa (5.2 PPG), Lazar Djokovic (2.8 PPG), Sasa Ciani (2.5 PPG), Kachi Nzeh (2.5 PPG), Brad Colbert (1.3 PPG), Kam Craft (2.6 PPG in 2022-23), Reid Ducharme (0.4 PPG), Logan Duncomb
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Dayvion McKnight (12.4 PPG), Trey Green (5.6 PPG), Dailyn Swain (4.6 PPG), Zach Freemantle (15.2 PPG in 2022-23), Jerome Hunter (7.8 PPG in 2022-23)
Incoming transfers: Marcus Foster (17.0 PPG at Furman), Ryan Conwell (16.6 PPG at Indiana State), Dante Maddox Jr. (15.6 PPG at Toledo), John Hugley IV (8.4 PPG at Oklahoma), Lassina Traore (11.9 PPG at Long Beach State)
Incoming freshmen: Jonathan Powell (four-star)

Head coach: Sean Miller

Big Ten

Departed or expected to depart: Terrence Shannon Jr. (23.0 PPG), Marcus Domask (15.9 PPG), Coleman Hawkins (12.1 PPG), Quincy Guerrier (9.6 PPG), Justin Harmon (5.6 PPG), Dain Dainja (6.1 PPG), Luke Goode (5.7 PPG), Amani Hansberry (2.4 PPG), Sencire Harris (3.7 PPG in 2022-23), Niccolo Moretti (1.5 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Ty Rodgers (6.2 PPG), Dra Gibbs-Lawhorn (2.4 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Jake Davis (9.0 PPG at Mercer), Carey Booth (6.4 PPG at Notre Dame), Tre White (12.3 PPG at Louisville), Kylan Boswell (9.6 PPG at Arizona), Ben Humrichous (14.7 PPG at Evansville)
Incoming freshmen: Morez Johnson (No. 28 in ESPN 100), Jason Jakstys (four-star)

Head coach: Brad Underwood

Departed or expected to depart: Kel’el Ware (15.9 PPG), Xavier Johnson (7.6 PPG), Anthony Walker (5.1 PPG), CJ Gunn (3.9 PPG), Kaleb Banks (2.6 PPG), Payton Sparks (2.1 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Malik Reneau (15.4 PPG), Mackenzie Mgbako (12.2 PPG), Trey Galloway (10.6 PPG), Gabe Cupps (2.6 PPG), Anthony Leal (2.4 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Oumar Ballo (14.2 PPG at Arizona), Kanaan Carlyle (11.5 PPG at Stanford), Myles Rice (14.8 PPG at Washington State), Luke Goode (5.7 PPG at Illinois)
Incoming freshmen: Bryson Tucker (No. 20 in ESPN 100), Jakai Newton (redshirt)

Head coach: Mike Woodson

Departed or expected to depart: Tony Perkins (14.0 PPG), Ben Krikke (13.8 PPG), Patrick McCaffery (8.9 PPG), Dasonte Bowen (4.4 PPG), Amarion Nimmers
In limbo: Payton Sandfort (16.4 PPG)
Expected to return: Owen Freeman (10.6 PPG), Josh Dix (8.9 PPG), Brock Harding (3.4 PPG), Ladji Dembele (2.2 PPG), Pryce Sandfort (2.3 PPG), Even Brauns (0.6 PPG), Riley Mulvey (redshirt)
Incoming transfers: Drew Thelwell (10.0 PPG at Morehead State)
Incoming freshmen: Cooper Koch (No. 64 in ESPN 100), Chris Tadjo (NR)

Head coach: Fran McCaffrey

Departed or expected to depart: Jahmir Young (20.4 PPG), Donta Scott (11.2 PPG), Jamie Kaiser Jr. (4.4 PPG), Noah Batchelor (1.7 PPG), Jahnathan Lamothe (0.8 PPG), Caelum Swanton-Rodger (1.5 PPG), Mady Traore (1.3 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Julian Reese (13.7 PPG), Jordan Geronimo (5.4 PPG), DeShawn Harris-Smith (7.3 PPG), Jahari Long (4.7 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Ja’Kobi Gillespie (17.2 PPG at Belmont), Rodney Rice (7.4 PPG at Virginia Tech in 2022-23), Selton Miguel (14.7 PPG at South Florida), Tafara Gapare (5.1 PPG at Georgia Tech), Chance Stephens (6.0 PPG at Loyola Marymount in 2022-23)
Incoming freshmen: Derik Queen (No. 8 in ESPN 100), Malachi Palmer (four-star), Braden Pierce (redshirt)

Head coach: Kevin Willard

Departed or expected to depart: Dug McDaniel (16.3 PPG), Olivier Nkamhoua (14.8 PPG), Terrance Williams II (12.4 PPG), Tarris Reed Jr. (9.0 PPG), Jaelin Llewellyn (5.2 PPG), Tray Jackson (5.0 PPG), Youssef Khayat (1.4 PPG), George Washington III (1.2 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Nimari Burnett (9.6 PPG), Will Tschetter (6.8 PPG), Jace Howard (2.6 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Danny Wolf (14.1 PPG at Yale), Tre Donaldson (6.7 PPG at Auburn), Rubin Jones (12.1 PPG at North Texas), Roddy Gayle Jr. (13.5 PPG at Ohio State), Sam Walters (5.4 PPG at Alabama), Vladislav Goldin (15.7 PPG at Florida Atlantic)
Incoming freshmen: Justin Pippen (No. 73 in ESPN 100), Durral Brooks (four-star), Lorenzo Cason (NR)

Head coach: Dusty May

Departed or expected to depart: Tyson Walker (18.4 PPG), A.J. Hoggard (10.7 PPG), Malik Hall (12.7 PPG), Mady Sissoko (3.3 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Jaden Akins (10.4 PPG), Xavier Booker (3.7 PPG), Jeremy Fears Jr. (3.5 PPG), Carson Cooper (3.4 PPG), Tre Holloman (5.7 PPG), Coen Carr (3.1 PPG), Jaxon Kohler (2.0 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Frankie Fidler (20.1 PPG at Omaha)
Incoming freshmen: Jase Richardson (No. 24 in ESPN 100), Kur Teng (No. 52 in ESPN 100), Jesse McCullough (No. 99 in ESPN 100), Gehrig Normand (redshirt)

Head coach: Tom Izzo

Departed or expected to depart: Cam Christie (11.3 PPG), Elijah Hawkins (9.5 PPG), Pharrel Payne (10.0 PPG), Joshua Ola-Joseph (7.5 PPG), Braeden Carrington (4.6 PPG), Isaiah Ihnen (3.4 PPG), Kris Keinys (1.4 PPG), Jack Wilson (1.6 PPG)
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Dawson Garcia (17.6 PPG), Mike Mitchell Jr. (10.2 PPG), Parker Fox (5.1 PPG), Kadyn Betts (1.3 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Femi Odukale (10.7 PPG at New Mexico State), Brennan Rigsby (6.1 PPG at Oregon), Frank Mitchell (12.1 PPG at Canisius), Caleb Williams (19.6 PPG at Macalester – D-III)

Incoming freshmen: Isaac Asuma (four-star), Grayson Grove (NR)

Head coach: Ben Johnson

Departed or expected to depart: Keisei Tominaga (15.1 PPG), Josiah Allick (7.3 PPG), Jamarques Lawrence (6.9 PPG), C.J. Wilcher (7.7 PPG), Eli Rice (4.2 PPG), Jarron Coleman (2.4 PPG), Matar Diop (0.8 PPG), Blaise Keita, Ramel Lloyd Jr.
In limbo: Rienk Mast (12.3 PPG)
Expected to return: Brice Williams (13.4 PPG), Juwan Gary (11.6 PPG), Sam Hoiberg (3.4 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Andrew Morgan (12.9 PPG at North Dakota State), Rollie Worster (9.9 PPG at Utah), Ahron Ulis (6.1 PPG at Iowa in 2022-23), Gavin Griffiths (5.8 PPG at Rutgers), Braxton Meah (5.3 PPG at Washington), Connor Essegian (3.2 PPG at Wisconsin)
Incoming freshmen: Nick Janowski (four-star), Braden Frager (NR)

Head coach: Fred Hoiberg

Departed or expected to depart: Boo Buie (19.0 PPG), Ryan Langborg (12.7 PPG), Blake Preston (2.1 PPG), Parker Strauss
In limbo: None
Expected to return: Brooks Barnhizer (14.6 PPG), Ty Berry (11.6 PPG), Nick Martinelli (8.8 PPG), Matthew Nicholson (5.3 PPG), Luke Hunger (3.8 PPG), Blake Smith (2.4 PPG), Justin Mullins (0.4 PPG), Jordan Clayton (0.3 PPG)
Incoming transfers: Jalen Leach (16.2 PPG at Fairfield), Keenan Fitzmorris (10.9 PPG at Stony Brook)
Incoming freshmen: KJ Windham (three-star), Angelo Ciaravino (NR), Blake Barkley (redshirt)

Head coach: Chris Collins

Departed or expected to depart: Jamison Battle (15.3 PPG), Roddy Gayle Jr. (13.5 PPG), Zed…

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