How Texas stood firm after the shooting of Chris Beard

DES MOINES, Iowa– Sir’Jabari Rice concerned Texas like a lot of his colleagues, for the opportunity to win champions– Huge 12 and NCAA.He could not help but question, if just for a short moment, whether his dreams were destroyed on the morning of Dec. 12, when he received word that the coach he joined the Longhorns to play for, Chris Beard, had actually been jailed.

“It was a whole lot of feelings, a whole bunch of things going through your head,”stated Rice, the Longhorns’ second-leading scorer. “How the day was, how the regimen was, those things were knocked off.

“With things like that, either you want them or you don’t. We desired these things so bad. We desired them more than anything. When you’re in that position, you’re either going to fold or you’re not. We did a terrific job of not folding, looking past that and focusing on every day.”Editor’s Picks

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Texas went on to complete 2nd in the Big 12 regular season and won the conference competition with a 20-point victory over top-seeded Kansas.The Longhorns are still alive as the No. 2 seed in the Midwest Regional in the NCAA tournament for the most significant prize of all. After wins over Colgate and Penn State in the first 2 rounds, Texas will deal with Xavier in the Sugary Food 16 on Friday in Kansas City, Missouri.For this, Rice and his teammates provide credit to not only a talented roster that showed some steely resolve with the uncommon scenarios surrounding Beard, however also a 54-year-old Texas assistant who was a relaxing impact during a turbulent time.Rodney Terry was named interim coach and took control of under conditions far less than ideal.

Beard was jailed after his fiancé called 911 and told police Beard had actually strangled, bit and hit her during a conflict in his home.Beard was fired on Jan. 5 and in February charges against him were dropped.”It was a bumpy ride,”Texas forward Dylan Disu said. “Clearly there were a great deal of things that were unidentified at that time.

What would happen with the training scenario? Would [Beard] be back? Would he not be?” “When the leader at the head is someone who is calm and poised, it makes it that much easier for me as a point player to continue to be calm and

poised. It simply flows throughout the whole entire group. He does an excellent task of that.” Marcus Carr, the Longhorns ‘leading scorer Terry was charged with holding everything together. Terry remained in the 2nd season of his second stint as a Texas assistant, with head-coaching stops at Fresno State and UTEP

in between. Texas players are so comfortable in their relationships with Terry that they don’t refer to him as Coach, but by his initials.The Longhorns had a game at home versus Rice on the night Beard was suspended. During his first team meeting that day, Terry discussed far more than simply the game plan.” He sort of sat us down and said whatever we still desired was all ahead of us,” Disu stated.”We could still accomplish all of those objectives we had set prior to the season. It wasn’t easy. It was an adjustment.

Huge 12 play hadn’t even began yet. “Possibly outside the program the expectations for us had actually altered but inside the program, no. What happened with the training modification didn’t need to derail us and the things we wanted from our season. You could not actually tell if we had our

coach or we didn’t. RT took control of and let us understand how he desired things done. It was actually no various than how things were.”The Longhorns beat Rice that night, though they needed to go to overtime to do it. They won their very first 5 games under Terry, albeit versus lower competition.Still, the winning streak offered Texas an excellent start on its new journey. The Longhorns were reacting to Terry’s demeanor

, which is calmer and more soothing at a hard time than that of Beard.”There is a sense of calmness from RT,” forward Tim Allen said. “He embodies what we are and what we try to be every

day. Someone who has actually existed previously, never ever shakes at misfortune, someone who gets up and attempts to attack the day to be great. When I have actually got somebody like that in my corner I’ll do anything for them.

“these men are unique!.?.!— Texas Men’s Basketball(@TexasMBB )March 20, 2023 Leading scorer Marcus Carr said,”When the leader at the head is somebody who is calm and poised, it makes it that a lot easier for me as a point player to continue to be calm and poised. It simply streams throughout the whole entire team. He does an excellent job of that.

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