Heels’ Walker need to sit opener; Brown knocks hold-up

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receiver Tez Walker will not bet South Carolina on Saturday, as the Tar Heels wait for an NCAA judgment on his eligibility for this season.The school expects the committee to evaluate his case next week as the process continues.Last month, the NCAA denied Walker’s waiver to play immediately as a two-time transfer, and the school appealed the choice. The appeal will be heard by a committee of agents from Department I schools. The committee then will decide and present it to the NCAA.”We’re one day far from our highly-anticipated

season opener against South Carolina, and unfortunately, Tez Walker stays ineligible, “North Carolina coach Mack Brown said in a declaration.” Our institution has actually been promoting Tez’s case to be examined by the assigned committee, so that it could be heard prior to our very first game. But, the NCAA’s unwillingness to offer information over the last few weeks has left us in this position.”[ The NCAA] state they’re about assisting kids,

however all they have actually done is contribute to the really mental health issues Tez has actually been handling that made him wish to get closer to house to start with. You can’t state you’re about assisting kids and after that reveal a total disregard for the kids you’re expected to be assisting. It’s clear they are about procedure and not individuals. Luckily, the committee still has a chance to recommend a correction to this outright mistake. “UNC coach Mack Brown”At this point, everyone understands the information of Tez’s journey to North Carolina, and the overwhelming opinion of those around the nation is that he should be playing tomorrow and this ought to have been resolved months ago. I can’t express my disappointment in the NCAA strong enough. The NCAA has actually been reluctant to consider the real concerns of mental health, Covid and guideline changes that have actually affected Tez’s personal journey. “They state they’re about helping kids, but all they’ve done is contribute to the very mental health problems Tez has been dealing with that made him want to get closer to home to begin with. You can’t state you have to do with assisting kids and then show an overall neglect for the kids you’re expected to be assisting. It’s clear they are about process and not people. Fortunately, the committee still has a chance to recommend a correction to this outright error. We eagerly anticipate them hearing his case, and advising the only outcome this case should have, that Tez Walker need to be eligible to play.”North Carolina has argued that Walker deserves to bet several reasons.First, Walker did not play at NC Central his freshman year because the pandemic forced the school to cancel the season. Searching for a place to

play, Walker transferred to Kent State– the only school that offered him a scholarship at the time. Since Walker did not dip into NC Central due to scenarios outside his control, North Carolina believes that transfer choice should not count against him.Secondly, Walker says he began to handle psychological health obstacles during his 2 years at Kent State. He matured in Charlotte as the primary caregiver to his grandmother, whose health started to weaken once again while he was away. Walker states he visited the group physician to discuss his

mental health, and eventually decided to transfer to return closer to home.Editor’s Picks 2 Related Walker says that because his arrival at North Carolina, he has actually gotten mental health therapy. When he moved to the Tar Heels, old guidelines were still in location that made it easier for two-time transfers to get waivers in these circumstances. However two days after he started classes, the Division I Council voted all to significantly tighten the criteria for waivers.The NCAA says “multiple-time transfers who can not show and properly document an individual requirement for medical or safety factors to leave the previous school are not eligible to complete immediately following their second undergraduate transfer. “According to the NCAA, the Department I board of directors voted in August 2022 to limit the waiver guidelines, and the board’s direction made it clear to NCAA members that waivers would be harder to come by this year.Both Kent State and NC Central have sent supporting paperwork to the NCAA in favor of Walker being enabled to play this season, and North Carolina hopes the NCAA will take that into account throughout the appeal.Walker had actually been anticipating playing in the season opener in his home town of Charlotte. His family has tickets to participate in the game. It would have been the first time his grandmother would have seen him play a game personally.

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