Harbaugh advocates for player revenue-sharing

  • Dave Wilson, ESPN Personnel WriterJan 6, 2024, 12:44 PM ET


      Dave Wilson is an editor for ESPN.com considering that 2010. He previously operated at The Dallas Early Morning News, San Diego Union-Tribune and Las Vegas Sun.HOUSTON– Jim Harbaugh batted

      away any concerns about his future at Saturday’s media day session for the College Football Playoff Championship game, instead using his time to advocate for earnings sharing for college athletes.The Michigan coach stated coaches, administrators and tv networks are all”robbing the very same train”in generating income off unpaid college players and he hopes the quick rate of change in the sport can lastly make profits sharing a truth, not just in football, but in all college athletics.” We’ve seen a whole conference enter into a website, “Harbaugh said of the Pac-12. “If those kind of things can occur overnight … I do not understand how the sausage gets made totally, but there’s a great deal of wise people that do, that know a lot about revenue sharing, understand a lot about how those algorithms and economics work. And the real issue is there’s no voice for the players.”Harbaugh regularly deflected concerns about his future–“Future, I want to have one, “he said– and dispatched any NFL concerns, dismissing them rapidly, such as when he was asked what the distinction was in time management in between training in college and the NFL.”I don’t have that list in front of me, “he said.Editor’s Picks 2 Associated However his longest and most thought about responses were on the “ever-growing, ever-increasing earnings

      that it ‘d be best for the student-athletes, not simply football

      , all student-athletes, to share in.”In 2012, then-South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier said coaches would be willing to give up a small percentage of their wage if the players might get a modest stipend.That never took place, however Harbaugh said, more than a decade later on, that he seems like there seems to be more hope, with change occurring throughout the sport.”If things can occur this quick, like we have actually seen this year, then I’m enthusiastic that there’s a wrong that could be righted quickly also,”he said. “There utilized to be a stating: Old coaches– my father’s used it, my brother’s utilized it

      — like, hey, we’re all robbing the exact same train here. Coaches, administrators, media, tv stations, conferences, NCAA. The ones that are really robbing the train– the ones that could actually get injured– are getting an extremely little piece. … It’s one thing for somebody to say, well, they’re getting NIL, but the billions that are being created, they’re not getting much of, a very little portion. They’re getting the exact same amount as I got in the ’80s. You’re getting a scholarship, space, board, books and tuition. So it’s like, begin, guy, let’s do the best thing here.”Harbaugh said his strategy, similar to Spurrier’s, would be for everybody to take a cut of their incomes and swimming pool it to show the players.”I would say this, anybody who is profiting from the student-athletes today– myself included– coaches, someplace between 5 and 10%, take 5 to 10% less. That would choose any administrator, any coach, any conference, any university, NCAA– 5 to 10%less and perhaps a 10%tax from the tv stations, into one pot for the student-athletes. Possibly that’s a start, a method, “Harbaugh said.”There’s a great deal of individuals profiting off the backs of student-athletes, and they do a great deal of work to keep it from them. It’s all type of guidelines– and have been doing it for a very long time.”Meanwhile, Harbaugh was asked if the outcome of Monday’s title game versus Washington would have any influence on his ideas worrying his future.”I have no idea about that, “he said. “I could not be more happy to be here. “However he stated his team is focused and needs to be all set to face Washington and notably

      quarterback Michael Penix Jr., whom he said has “no conscience.””When he’s tossing among those balls into the tightest window and the confidence that he can put it in there and his receivers are going to make a play, I suggest, that’s frightening good,”

      Harbaugh said.Despite all the tumult of the season and noise around his future, Harbaugh stated his Wolverines team is in an excellent location.” It is as one-track mind as it can

      be,”Harbaugh said.”It resembles a pedigreed horse rumbling down the straightaway. The blinders are on, and we see the finish line. And we’re going to the whip, just each guy– however also with a great balance. It’s a focused and loose team at the same time, really in the sweet spot from where I see it. However that’s where we’re at.

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