Gamecocks fined $100K for fans storming court

Jan 24, 2024, 02:31 PM ET COLUMBIA, S.C.– The Southeastern Conference fined South Carolina $100,000 for its fans storming the court after the Gamecocks’ 79-62 win over No. 6 Kentucky.The league revealed the fine Wednesday, a day after the South Carolina guys’s basketball group posted a win over its highest-ranked opponent at home in 14 years.The SEC adopted more stringent fines at its conferences last spring. A very first offense brings a fine of $100,000, a 2nd$250,000 with subsequent offenses costing $500,000. Editor’s Picks The league provided all members a clean slate so this counts as South Carolina’s first offense.Fans rapidly rupture through the yellow rope line when the game ended. Amongst those commemorating on the court were women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley and a number of members of her team.I have actually paid a fine for storming the court after beating Kentucky in the past, but this time it was totally free for me so I signed up with the crowd! Finest trainees anywhere!

he posted.Kentucky players left the flooring rapidly without event.

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