Father of ex-NFLer who killed 6 takes legal action against SC State

COLUMBIA, S.C.– The dad of a previous NFL player who fatally shot 6 people before killing himself two years ago is taking legal action against the alma mater where his child played football.An autopsy eventually diagnosed Phillip Adams with an abnormally serious type of the degenerative brain illness called persistent terrible encephalopathy, which has actually been shown to cause violent mood swings and memory loss.Now, Alonzo Adams says South Carolina State University did not follow security procedures or effectively train employees to treat the continual head trauma that his child suffered throughout a college profession that lasted from 2006 to 2009. That alleged”neglect, carelessness, recklessness, willfulness, and wantonness”contributed to Adams’death following the April 8, 2021, mass shooting in Rock Hill, South Carolina, according to the wrongful death lawsuit submitted March 31. Authorities discovered Adams with a self-inflicted gunshot injury to the head.Sam Watson, a representative stated South Carolina State University, stated the organization does not discuss present or pending

litigation.The NFL journeyman likewise suffered”head injury”throughout his six years as a professional cornerback, according to the grievance. During a three-game period with the Raiders in 2012, Adams had two concussions.The regional coroner has stated the family informed private investigators that Adams suffered agonizing injury-related discomfort, had problems with his memory and had a hard time to sleep. His sister informed U.S.A. Today after the killings that the household had actually discovered worrying indications of rapidly deteriorating mental health such as an escalating temper and lack of personal hygiene.Because he didn’t retire by 2014, he would not have been qualified for screening consisted of in a broad settlement between the league and former players over long-lasting concussion-related injuries.An agent has formerly informed The Associated Press that Adams did not take part in other physical and psychological health programs offered for ex-players.

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