Ex-UCF QB Milton signs up with Vols’ personnel as analyst

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State quarterback McKenzie Milton took the first step towards a training career on Thursday, getting hired as an offending analyst at Tennessee and reuniting with coach Josh Heupel.Milton bet Heupel at UCF from 2018-20, prior to he completed his career at Florida State in 2021.”I’m simply excited to return into football. I missed it a lot,” Milton told ESPN in an interview from the Tennessee football office on his first day on the job.Editor’s Picks< img src=" https://a.espncdn.com/combiner/i?img=/photo/2022/1023/r1080325_930x930_1-1.jpg&w=130&h=130&scale=crop&location=center"

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1 Associated A journey to Tennessee in March to enjoy spring practice got Milton thinking when again about his supreme career goal: getting into coaching. Heupel connected last month to assess his interest in signing up with the staff as an expert. Milton called the choice to come to Tennessee a “no brainer.” In addition to the ties to Heupel, Tennessee athletic director Danny White was at UCF when Milton was there too.

“Tennessee is an unique, special place, and I got to see that in March when I came up here to take a look at spring practice and Pro Day,” Milton stated. “What makes a location truly unique is the people. I’ve understood half the staff in some way, shape or form from prior places I’ve been, so it just felt right.”

Milton began his college career at UCF in 2016, leading the Knights to an unbeaten, self-proclaimed championship game the following season. However in 2018, Milton suffered a terrible injury that almost required the amputation of his best leg. He missed the 2019 and 2020 seasons, however Heupel made certain Milton kept his area as a team leader. Milton was instrumental in the development of the quarterbacks – especially Dillon Gabriel, now at Oklahoma.He likewise grew close

with both White and Heupel, who both left for Tennessee in 2021. White and Heupel supported Milton during his long, strenuous rehab, never once dissuading him from attempting to play football once again. When Milton finished his three-year journey and made his go back to the field with the Seminoles, both White and Heupel sent their well dreams.” McKenzie represents whatever that is terrific about college football,

“Heupel stated in a declaration.”His perseverance, decision and leadership are associates that made him successful as a player and will no doubt translate to him being an impressive future coach. He’s constantly been a student of the game and comprehends the why behind what we do.” Once his playing career ended, Milton moved back to Orlando, Fla., and spent the in 2015 training camps and clinics and working on NIL chances with UCF. But Milton understood ultimately, he wished to enter training full-time. Though he will not have an on-field role this year with the Vols, Milton prepares to find out as much as he can about all position groups, and unique groups too.”I just want to be a sponge, just gaining from the head ball coach, gaining from everybody,”Milton said.” To genuinely be an excellent coach, you need to be a master of all.”

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