Dickie V chooses the rest of the 2024 men’s NCAA

  • Dick Vitale, College Basketball analystMar 27, 2024, 11:30 AM ET


      Dick Vitale, college basketball’s leading expert and ambassador, signed up with ESPN during the 1979-80 season. His extensive understanding of the game is come up with in an enthusiastic, passionate design. Vitale also contributes columns to ESPN.com.The most exciting weekend

    of the basketball season was incredible baby, as we saw some impressive PTPers bring their groups through to the Sugary food 16. It’s no surprise to see All-Stars like the Houston Cougars ‘Jamal Shead and the Illinois Battling Illini’s Terrence Shannon Jr. put on spectacular performances.After reviewing all the action, my VBDI (Vitale Bald Dome Index)says these are teams that will fight through to next week’s Final Four.SWEET 16 EAST UConn vs. San Diego State (UConn )Illinois vs. Iowa State(Iowa St)WEST North Carolina vs. Alabama(North Carolina)Clemson vs. Arizona(Arizona)SOUTH Houston vs. Duke (Houston)NC State vs. Marquette (Marquette)MIDWEST Purdue vs. Gonzaga(Purdue )Creighton vs. Tennessee(Tennessee )ELITE 8 EAST UConn vs. Iowa State(UConn)

    WEST North Carolina vs. Arizona(North Carolina) SOUTH Houston vs. Marquette(

    )MIDWEST Purdue vs. Tennessee(Purdue) FINAL 4 UConn vs. North Carolina(UConn)Houston vs. Purdue (Purdue

    )CHAMPIONSHIP UConn vs. Purdue (UConn)

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