Commish: ACC will fulfill to alter hoops narrative

GREENVILLE, S.C.– ACC commissioner Jim Phillips informed ESPN on Saturday that he will consult with his league’s men’s basketball coaches and athletic directors as quickly as the season ends to discuss ways to be more “proactive” and “aggressive” in changing the story surrounding the conference.The ACC got only 5 bids this season to the guys’s NCAA tournament, a big disappointment to Phillips and to those inside his league. He stays unfaltering in his belief that Clemson and North Carolina ought to have made the tournament.Although conferences such as the Big 10 and SEC got more quotes(eight each)

, the ACC stays standing with Miami advancing to the Elite Eight. “We need to represent ourselves in a different method, and maybe it’s our scheduling, perhaps it’s our providing information back to the committee, however we’re going to be aggressive in how we look at it– however we’re likewise going to be proactive,” Phillips said.” We feel the story hasn’t been quite right the last 2 years. We’re going to try to do something about that in the offseason. “I get it, I’ve been on the guys’s selection committee. I’ve been on the females’s committee. It’s a tough task, therefore we’re going to attempt to make it easier for them from an ACC perspective to ensure we’re structured and established in a way where we will have more groups in the tournament in the future based on benefit. “The same thing happened to the ACC last season, when the

league also received 5 bids. This is the first time because the league broadened to 15 teams in 2013 that it has gone back-to-back seasons with only 5 tournament bids. Eight ACC groups made the females’s tournament.Phillips says he thinks the guys’s basketball selection committee has actually become too reliant on the web rankings to evaluate groups, instead of simply assessing teams based on the way they play. “We’re paying too much attention to the web. I’m simply not there on that,” Phillips said.”It does not reward groups that play 20 conference games versus 18 or less, therefore that is among the important things I’m confident in the future we do not invest more time on or put more credence to it. I believe it is worthy of less. In the end, the greatest thing we have in that committee is the eye test, and I believe that’s been disregarded. Go sit down and watch these games and watch who the very best players are. I understand the committee does that. I understand how that goes, but in the end, I don’t feel that has truly resonated the last two years with our groups.” Editor’s Picks< img src="

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1 Related In spite of the 5 bids in 2015, the ACC had three groups advance to the Elite Eight and two make it to the Last Four– a reality Phillips indicate when talking about the method the narrative about the conference doesn’t fit the results. “At the end of the day, what do you do when you get that opportunity? I’m really happy with how we’ve performed in the ACC,” Phillips said.Pitt coach

Jeff Capel made headings in February when he questioned why the ACC was not getting the exact same regard as other conferences, igniting an argument about whether the depth and competitiveness within the league was injuring the conference in general. At the time, Capel stated, “I certainly think that it’s unreasonable and it’s incorrect what people say about our league or what’s been said about our league. I believe our league is really good.”

Pitt was among the five groups that made it into the tournament, however the Panthers belonged of the First Four. They ended up winning two tournament games– including the First 4 game versus Mississippi State– prior to losing to Xavier.Phillips likewise kept in mind that the transfer portal has impacted lineups in such a way that did not have to be thought about even five years ago and that has a big effect on early nonconference games. “So much is put into that early season,”Phillips stated.” The lineups aren’t the same as they have actually remained in the past. Teams do not look the exact same in November, December as they do in February and March, so this idea the conference cannibalizes each other, we’re going to need to really look at the nonconference. I’m not exactly sure you can take as much benefit from a game in November as you can late in the year. There’s a process going on for us as conferences and private schools and with the committee.”This brand-new day of college basketball is actually present, and the influx of roster

modifications really does distinguish between a team that’s returning 7 or eight in the fall versus someone that has 7 or 8 new players that’s going to look quite various at the end of the year.”Phillips said he would likewise like to get input from North Carolina athletic director Bubba Cunningham, who is on the guys’s

basketball selection committee.”I don’t want to wait until next fall,”Phillips stated. “This needs to be done as soon as the season’s over so that we can get on it.

We have to do more as well as a conference; we’re going to take a look at how we’re setting up nonconference and a few of the metrics. I want to get some thoughts from a few others, too, so we’ll have a nice think tank session over this.”

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