Cheez-It crackers, fries, mayo, oh my! Bowl season’s finest food

8:13 PM ET ESPN staff Celebratory food showers are an imaginative twist on the success bath college football

bowl season serves up to winning coaches and players.2 Associated A handful of championship game sponsors award the winning team’s players– and fortunate fans– the opportunity to splash coaches with cereal, cheesy crackers, creamy spreads or other foods items. They may need devoted clean-up efforts afterward, however the postgame ceremonies offer memorable visuals.How much of any food can fill a cooler? Our mathematics for the measurements is based upon filling a 7-gallon beverage cooler, which equates to 896 ounces. We crunched numbers to see the amount of mayo(and other compounds)discarded on college football’s finest during bowl season.Here’s a take a look at a few of the most significant– and edible– events: The mayo dumpers did their jobs. Maryland coach Mike Locksley, using an extra-large hat, got

the condiment bath after the Terps triumphed in an awful game that had 4

turnovers.THEY DIDN’T HURT HIM!!.?.!— Duke’s Mayo Bowl(@DukesMayoBowl)December 30, 2022 Duke’s Mayo ended up being the sponsor for the game formerly known as the Belk Bowl before the 2020 bowl season.Dumping mayo

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