CFP projections: Buckeyes, Big Ten looking strong; Georgia repeat hardly

Oct 27, 2023, 08:00 AM ET Earlier this season, the Pac-12 appeared like a conference sure to land a group– or several groups– in the College Football Playoff. Times have changed. The Allstate Playoff Predictor now has pegged the Big Ten as the conference more than likely to have a team in the last four.Not only that,

however the predictor likewise isn’t offered on Georgia duplicating as nationwide champions. The Bulldogs, who lost their tight end and leading receiver Brock Bowers to injury, have a tough slate the rest of the way, consisting of Saturday’s game versus Florida.Down on Georgia The

Allstate Playoff

Predictor has a much more pessimistic view of Georgia’s opportunities to reach the playoff than the majority of may expect.The model provides Georgia a 31 %possibility to reach the playoff and just a 7% opportunity to repeat as national champions. ESPN Why so low? A couple of factors, however the biggest is the FPI does not believe

Georgia is anything special compared to the remainder of the leading teams. Georgia ranks simply eighth in FPI (score: +22.5), in a virtual tie with Texas.Georgia’s efficiency, that includes changes for opponent quality and garbage time,

ranks only 12th this season.Though 7-0, Georgia has the seventh most tough schedule remaining. It has tough contests against Ole Miss(13th

in FPI) in the house and at Tennessee (16th)showing up, plus a potential match, likely against Alabama or LSU, in the SEC championship game.Buckeyes the best Ohio State now ranks No. 1 in Strength of Record after defeating Penn State. A typical CFP competitor would have had just a 10%

chance to go 7-0 against the Buckeyes’schedule, as Ohio State did. Florida State is closely behind at 11%. ESPN The Big 10 now has the 3 best groups in college football, per FPI. Ohio State(+27.9 rating), Michigan(26.7)and Penn State(24.8)are the three top-rated groups. Oklahoma(24.7)is the highest-rated non-Big Ten team.Count on the Big 10 The Big Ten is the most likely conference to put a minimum of one team in the playoff (98%) and to put multiple teams in the playoff(38%), according to the Allstate Playoff Predictor. No other conference has a double-digit possibility of putting multiple groups in the playoff.After the hot start early in the season, the Pac-12’s opportunities to put a team in the playoff are now down to 39%.

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