Bottom 10: Sooners swoon and the Zips’ late push

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Inspirational idea of the week:

All of my life I’ve attempted so hard
Doing my finest with what I had

Now that I have actually really got a chance
(Toss me tomorrow, oh, oh-oh)
Everything’s falling into place
(Throw me tomorrow, oh, oh-oh)
Seeing my past to let it go
(Toss me tomorrow, oh, oh-oh)

Only for you I don’t regret
That I was Thursday’s child

— “Thursday’s Kid,” David Bowie

Here at Bottom 10 Head office, located in the bushes outside the Michigan practice center where Pete Thamel and Adam Rittenberg conceal with their binoculars searching for Wolverines staffers headed to future opponents’ games, likewise with binoculars, we try not to be like Loki and mess with the primary timeline deep space typically works on. But sometimes deviating down a wormhole becomes our duty.Like this week,

which blurs the line in between the end of one college football week with a capital “W” and the next, seeing as how Week 9 ended in the wee hours of Sunday early morning, however the start of Week 10 had too huge of a Bottom 10 gravitational pull to be prevented. No, not the set of #MACtion games that were used Halloween night, but rather the technique of treats that kicked off Wednesday, particularly the Pillow Battle of the Week of the Year: Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo, between the then-top/bottom second-ranked Akron Zips and the then-top/bottom third-ranked Kent State Golden Flashes.There was no chance

we in great consciousness might have submitted these rankings for a Wednesday reveal with that game having not yet been played. Also, we didn’t have as numerous kids pertain to your house as we had prepared for, so I invested Tuesday night seeing those very first 2 games while eating 32 Enjoyable Size Snickers and snorting a half-dozen Pixie Stix straws, so my hands were shaking so terribly I could not have typed anything even if I had actually wanted to.With apologies to Milton Hershey, the Great Pumpkin, Ziggy Stardust and Steve Harvey, here– finally– is the Week 9 … err, Week 10 … Bottom 10.

1. Sam Houston We Have Issue (0-8)Not even a kontest in between Akron and Kent kould preklude the Bearkats from kontinuing to korner the marketplace when it komes to keeping kontrol of this krest of the Bottom 10 roll kall. Koming up next? Kennesaw State.

2. State of Kent( 1-8 )What. A. Game. The Zips ran in the winning goal with 26 seconds staying for a 31-27 victory. They call the Akron-Kent State rivalry the Wagon Wheel because that’s what the groups play for, a huge blue-and-gold wagon wheel. On the 100th anniversary of their very first conference, Akron’s win cut Kent State’s Wagon Wheel series cause 27-25-1. But that only counts the games that have had the Wagon Wheel as a trophy. Akron leads the all-time series 36-28-2, as the Wagon Wheel didn’t show up until 1946, when the idea was presented by Raymond Manchester, Kent State’s Dean of Guys. The initial trophy never ever caught on, the Spare Tire, presented by Maymond Ranchester, from Akron’s Den of Mean.WE GOT SICKOS

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