Back to ball: Hurley delighted to have actually deal done

STORRS, Conn.– Even with an offer that would make him among the highest-paid college basketball coaches in the nation, UConn’s Dan Hurley never ever let his thoughts stray far from what got him to the top of the men’s college basketball world.About a month

after decreasing to become the head coach of the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers, Hurley accepted a six-year, $50 million agreement through the 2029-30 season. He will receive $6.375 million next season in addition to his $400,000 base annual income.

“It is not something I obsess over,” Hurley said Tuesday. “If anything, I dragged my feet due to the fact that I didn’t want to look it over or read it or deal with it. We have been so concentrated on the basketball part however it is nice that it is over.”

Keeping his assistant coaches on the staff and handling the present elements of college sports belonged of the new contract signed by the 51-year-old Hurley.Editor’s Picks

  • 1 Associated Hurley understands Tom Moore, Luke Murray and Kimani Young are as responsible for UConn winning back-to-back nationwide titles as he is.

    “It is difficult to put together a staff since there aren’t a great deal of people who can work for me, just the strength of how we go about our service and the method we run our program, it is a various strength level,” Hurley said. “I are difficult on individuals who bet me and work for me, I am demanding so it is constantly tough for me to find people to employ.”

    Hurley fasted to credit David Benedict, UConn’s athletics director, for taking care of things as he has actually done given that employing Hurley.

    “Dave is as responsible as any of us for where we are at,” Hurley stated. “DB has been a great partner. We have had these conversations about the changing landscape of college basketball, the revenue sharing that is boiling down the roadway here, the TV offers, and being able to take advantage and maximize our brand name. Our brand is at the pinnacle of college basketball and our basketball quality is here on both sides, how do we benefit from that to the utmost so we do not fall back.

    “You want to stay so concentrated on your work that you can continue to achieve more and more in your career. He has actually constantly gotten it done.

    “He has actually provided us with the resources and does what we require to do to provide us the resources to complete at the top.”

    UConn had actually 4 starters chosen in the current NBA draft, with Alex Karaban the only returning starter for the Huskies.Hurley said freshman

    Liam McNeeley, who is presently handling an ankle injury, is”as prepared as any freshman who has actually been available in.”Hurley thinks he has a roster that can compete for a 3rd straight national title. “We are at a similar skill level of what the group( from last season) looked like,”Hurley stated.”You can see some genuine capacity there. “

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