TestRX Review (2020 UPDATED)

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What Is TestRX?

TestRX is one of the most popular bodybuilding supplement & natural testosterone booster on the market. TestRX can help you boost your aerobic performance, shed fat, improve your libido, and build muscle mass. All the ingredients in TestRX can help you not only boost your testosterone, and with more free testosterone, you get more HGH (human growth hormone). TestRX allows you to not only get more testosterone but can also help you maintain it.

How Does It Work?

TestRX is formulated with specific dosages and natural ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective in raising your testosterone levels and HGH levels. TestRX follows the ZMA formulation, popular among bodybuilders and athletes. The ZMA formula contains zinc monomethionine, magnesium, and D-aspartic acid.

The ingredients in TestRX help your body make more testosterone, which in turn enables you to boost your rate of protein synthesis. Because your rate of protein synthesis has been increased, you can build more muscle mass and reduce the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone that can cause weakness and weight gain) because of the increase in your testosterone levels. Amino acids found in TestRX also help your body repair itself faster, leading to more efficient workouts.

Is TestRX Safe / Are There Any Side Effects?

TestRX may potentially cause side effects typical of any supplement such as bloating, gas, or upset stomach.  But because TestRX is a natural testosterone booster, you don’t have to worry about the nasty side effects you’d from taking some synthetic anabolic steroids.

The bottom line is, unless you have any allergies to any of the ingredients you shouldn’t have any issues with taking TestRX.

TestRX is owned by Leading Edge Health and is made in America at a cGMP-compliant facility and is in accordance with strict health and safety regulations.

Ingredients In TestRX

Aside from the bodybuilding ZMA formula, TestRX boosts your metabolism and testosterone with other natural vitamins.

  1. ZMA (zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, vitamin B6 pyridoxine)
  2. Fenugreek Seed Extract (50% saponins)
  3. D-Aspartic Acid
  4. Vitamin D3
  5. Vitamin K2
  6. Vitamin B6
  • ZMA (zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, vitamin B6 pyridoxine): Low levels of zinc and magnesium are linked to low testosterone levels, in fact, most people do not meet their daily requirements for both. And if you think you’re eating enough meat and protein that you don’t have to worry, keep in mind you lose tons of zinc in your sweat. A 2012 study showed that participants who received zinc and magnesium supplement saw a significant increase in free testosterone levels. [1]
  • D-Aspartic Acid: D-aspartic acid plays a vital role in creating and releasing hormones in your body. D-aspartic acid can release more hormones in the brain that signal testosterone production. [2] A 2012 study yielded that when participants took D-aspartic acid for 90-days, they saw an increase of 30-60% in testosterone. [3]

  • Fenugreek Seed Extract: Fenugreek has been researched extensively for its ability to increase testosterone naturally. The saponins found in fenugreek are what are believed to be responsible for the increase in testosterone production. A 2017 study shows that 90% of participants who took fenugreek seed extract saw an average increase of 46% in testosterone levels. The participants noted improvements in mood, libido, energy, and also had a higher sperm count. [4]
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D, in its active form, performs like a steroid in the body. There is a clear correlation between vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone. A year-long study showed that participants who took vitamin D supplements saw their natural testosterone levels increase by up to 20%. [5]
  • Vitamin K2: Some studies show Vitamin K2 can increase your maximal cardiac output during exercise. [6] Studies also show that a vitamin K2 deficiency is linked to lower testosterone.
  • Vitamin B6: This is one of the most important vitamins you can get if you’re looking to build muscle. Vitamin B6 helps your enzymes break down protein into amino acids, which are critical for building lean muscle and bulking up. Without enough vitamin B6, your body can’t create or absorb enough amino acids from the proteins you eat, and this is important to note, especially if you are a protein freak.

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Testosterone, HGH, and Working Out

Testosterone is an essential male sex hormone that is also found in women but in smaller amounts. Testosterone levels peak during the late teenage years and then slowly level off. By the time men reach 30, their testosterone levels decrease every passing year. Testosterone boosters are a perfect alternative to steroids for those with low testosterone levels, or for those who are looking to get max reps in and significant muscle growth.

Because testosterone is one of the many factors involved in developing strength and muscle, it can be detrimental to have a low T-count if you’re looking to bulk up. Testosterone increases the levels of human growth hormone (HGH). HGH is an anabolic hormone that can build and repair tissue and promote the release of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factors), all of which are known to help produce anabolic effects within your body. A 2008 study concluded that HGH could increase athletic performance and lead body mass, as well as your basal metabolic rate. This is probably because an increase in lean muscle mass increases your metabolism because of the need to build and repair tissue. [7]

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How Long Til You See Results?

You should feel the effects of TestRX immediately, but for full benefits you it’s recommended you take TestRX for one month along with regular exercise and a proper diet.

Because TestRX is not a steroid, you don’t have to cycle, you can simply take it daily.

Who Should Take TestRX?

TestRX is perfect for those who have been suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone. It’s also an ideal supplement for those who have reached their training plateau and want to take their workouts to the next level. Because TestRX is not a steroid, anyone who is serious about getting bigger muscles, energy, stamina, libido, and longer, more efficient workouts can take it.


TestRX offers a 60-day money-back guaratee and is offered at six price points, the best value for your buck is the 6-month supply. If you want to see maximum results, we recommend you try longer than one month.

  • 1 Month Supply: $69.95
  • 2 Month Supply: $129.95
  • 3 Month Supply: $179.95
  • 4 Month Supply: $239.95
  • 5 Month Supply: $299.95
  • 6 Month Supply: $339.95