Pro gamblers show up to back underdog Buckeyes

Georgia stayed the preferred versus Ohio State in Saturday’s 2nd College Football Playoff semifinal, but the point spread was moving toward the underdog Buckeyes on reports of huge wagers by influential bettors.Multiple sportsbooks reported taking bets on Ohio State from professional wagerers Friday, causing the line to move from Georgia -6.5 to -6 across the wagering market. The line was down to Georgia -4.5 by late Saturday afternoon, as big bets on the Buckeyes continued to appear at sportsbooks, including a $110,000 bet on Ohio State +5.5 at Caesars Sportsbook.In the other CFP semifinal, Michigan was holding as a 7.5-point preferred over TCU

.2 Related The Ohio State-Georgia game had actually drawn in twice as much cash wagered as TCU-Michigan

at Caesars Sportsbook. The line opened as high as Georgia -7 when the match was announced in early December however rapidly ticked to -6.5, where it stayed till Friday.The early betting action had been uneven on the unbeaten Bulldogs, who had attracted more than 80 %of the point-spread bets at Caesars Sportsbook as of Saturday morning.Despite the bulk of the bets being on Georgia, the sharp action on the Buckeyes, that included a$ 55,000 wager at Caesars Sportsbook, was appreciated enough to move the line.

“There is viewed worth on Ohio State,”Joey Feazel, lead college football trader for Caesars Sportsbook, informed ESPN.”It seems the sharps were waiting to see if the line would

bet back to 7, and when it didn’t, they started taking the 6.5 s.”Feazel said the sportsbook still needed Ohio State “huge,”referring to bulk of the action being on Georgia going into game day. “On a typical college football day, a half point wouldn’t be as huge

a deal. However in a game of this magnitude, it’s a much larger deal,”Feazel said.

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