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D-BAL by CrazyBulk Testosterone Booster

D-BAL, The Legal Dianabol

CrazyBulk D-BAL is marketed as a legal Dianabol alternative without the side effects. Methandrostenolone, aka, Dianabol, is the world’s most well-known, documented, and abused steroid. While thousands of bodybuilders may have gotten substantial gains with Dianabol, the side effects make it a horrible tradeoff. Dianabol can lead to man boobs, fluid retention, virilization, and liver damage. D-BAL was formulated to mimic the main ingredient of Dianabol, methandrostenolone, without the potential side effects.

In fact, D-BAL can help heighten your body’s natural functions without the side effects, addictiveness, and no hormonal disturbance, all while helping you gain muscle.

How Does It Work?

Because D-BAL is formulated to mimic methandrostenlone, its powerful fast-acting formula can help boost strength and stamina, lean muscle mass, and help with blood flow during exercise.  The new updated version of D-BAL is now 7x stronger than the original batch as it now contains ashwagandha.  Ashwagandha can help reduce body fat, give you leaner muscles while bulking and studies even show it can lower cholesterol.

D-BAL helps create a highly anaerobic environment for your muscles to expand. Nitrogen retention in your muscles can help increase protein synthesis to get larger muscles and more strength. D-BAL’s combination of non-synthetic substances can help lead to greater muscle mass and is also popular among users for its ability in helping users retain muscle mass between cycles as well.

Active Ingredients in D-BAL by CrazyBulk

  •  L-Isoleucine: Many bodybuilders and athletes take L-Isoleucine because this essential amino acid increases stamina and endurance. L-isoleucine can also help promote muscle recovery after workouts because it is broken down for energy within the muscle tissue. BCAAs (such as L-isoleucine) are important fuel sources when your body goes into metabolic stress and can help with protein synthesis. [1]
  • Magnesium:  Magnesium is also essential because it helps regulate the amount of strength and force your muscles can generate and helps elevate the amount of testosterone according to short-term human studies. It also helps free testosterone elevate naturally. [2]
  • Ashwagandha:  Ashwagandha supplements are known to have very significant effects on testosterone. A study of 75 infertile men who were treated with ashwagandha showed that the treatment lead to a significant uptick in testosterone levels. Results also showed that ashwagandha increased sperm count as well as mobility, even though these men were infertile. [3] Ashwagandha has also been shown to increase strength and muscle mass. Other studies show that participants who took ashwagandha not only generated more significant gains but also doubled their loss in body fat percentage compared to a placebo group. [4]
  • MSM: Methylsulfonylmethane, also known as MSM is a popular dietary supplement that is known to speed recovery and reduce muscle damage and stress. MSM works by reducing oxidative stress and inflammation and is beneficial for those who are experiencing pain after prolonged exercise.
  • Suma Root: Ecdysteroids found in the Suma plant act like anabolic steroids in the hormones involved in building muscle. Ecdysteroids can enhance physical strength without the horrible side-effects found in steroids like Dianabol. [5]
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Tribulus Terrestris contains steroidal saponin protodioscin. Studies done on Lithuanian athletes show that circulating testosterone increased after ten days of use. Tribulus Terrestris is also known to produce lean muscle mass and gains in strength and can help you improve body composition and decrease body fat.
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D-BAL Cycle

D-BAL recommends you take three capsules 45 after your workout, and for best results, take D-BAL for two months with regular exercise and a proper diet. The workout period if two months on and 1.5 weeks off.

Are There Any Known Side Effects?

Unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on D-BAL, there are no potential side effects as it is an all natural t-booster.  

Is D-Bal Safe?

Not only are the ingredients of D-Bal safe and natural, but they can help men reach their workout goals. D-Bal does not have any flavorings or artificial coloring. All the dosages of each ingredient were carefully measured to give you the optimal testosterone production. And the bottom line is that it’s not a steroid. Unlike steroids, D-Bal does not have a detrimental effect on the body.

Who Should Use D-BAL ?

D-BAL works best for those who train and workout regularly.  D-BAL is also perfect for those who want to take their workouts to the next level without steroids, as it is the ideal testosterone booster for those who wish to avoid the nasty side effects of Dianabol.

CrazyBulk recommends you take, three capsules a day with water, approximately 45 minutes after your workout. With a suitable diet and exercise program, you should see real results in two months. The workout period recommended by CrazyBulk is two months, with 1.5 weeks off.

Who Should Avoid D-BAL?

D-BAL is not intended for women, or men who suffer from endocrine diseases because it could effect your hormone balance.  Those who take prescription drugs should also be careful and consult with their doctor as the powerful ingredients found in D-BAL could interact with your prescription meds.


D-Bal offers two price points at a discounted price.

  • 1 Bottle (90 capsules) for $59.99 
  • 2 Bottles (90 capsules each) for $119.98