D-BAL MAX Review
(UPDATED 2020)

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What is D-Bal Max

If you want to take your workouts to the next level D.BAL.MAX may be perfect for you. D.BAL.MAX claims you can get the same muscle-building effects of anabolic steroids, without ever having to take one. The testosterone boosting ingredients in D.BAL.MAX are known to help your body increase protein synthesis, increase your ATP, and boost testosterone and IGF-1 levels in your body. D.BAL.MAX is made by the same company who makes D-BAL (click here to read a review of D-BAL).

D-Bal Max vs. Dianabol (Anabolic Steroid)

Dianabol is known as the granddaddy of anabolic steroids. Dianabol was popular among bodybuilders and athletes before many sports associations banned it. Unfortunately, the reason Dianabol was discontinued is because of the horrible side effects. Side effects of Metandienone/Methandrostenolone (Dianabol) included fluid retention; breast enlargement (aka man-boobs), acne, voice changes, and estrogenic effects on men while women got symptoms of masculinization.

Like, D-BAL (click here to read a review of D-BAL), D-BAL MAX is formulated to mimic the benefits of methandrostenlone. This is a faster acting formula compared to D-BAL that can boost strength and stamina. D-Bal Max is an all-natural supplement that can give you the benefits of steroids without the harmful side effects.

How Does It Work?


D-BAL MAX contains 20-Hydroxyecdysterone (aka, ecdysone, comisterone, or beta-ecdysterone), a naturally occurring plant extract that has potent anabolic muscle building effects. A 2019 study funded by the World Anti-Doping Agency found that participants who were dosed with ecdysterone were able to produce a significant dose-responsive anabolic effect. The same study showed that there was a significant increase in muscle mass of participants who were dosed with 20-Hydroxyecdysone. [1]  20-Hydroxyecdysterone also helps your body increase muscle ATP content, nitrogen retention, and increases protein synthesis.


Pro BCAA COMPLEX is known to enhance your workouts by increasing the rate of protein synthesis, which can help build muscle faster as well as supply energy to your muscle tissues. Pro BCAA COMPLEX can also increase fat burning as well as boost your metabolism. Pro BCAA COMPLEX is a branch-chained amino acid. These amino acids can help enhance your muscle growth by retaining a higher level of nitrogen. A study of people who drank BCAAs after resistance workouts had a 22% increase in muscle protein synthesis. [2]

Whey Protein

Whey protein complex is a popular ingredient found in the cabinets of many bodybuilders. That’s because whey protein complex can enhance the results of your resistance training by helping repair muscle tissues. This is great for those that want maximum gains, as whey protein complex is beneficial for those who want to increase the production of new protein. [3] Whey protein complex also famous for its ability to help you lose weight yet preserve lean muscle. In fact, in a study of 158 participants that took whey protein complex “lost significantly more body fat and showed a greater preservation of lean muscle” [4]

D-Bal Max Cycle

D-Bal Max recommends taking three capsules a day with food. The workout time is four weeks, but it’s recommended you try eight weeks for the best results. If you choose to continue for eight weeks, D-Bal Max recommends you take a two-week break before starting the third cycle.

You should see results within 3-4 weeks, but as mentioned above, at eight weeks you should see the full benefits.

Other Benefits of D-Bal Max

Because D-Bal Max contains Branch Chain Amino Acids, your workouts should last longer because D-Bal Max can reduce your serotonin levels to increase ATP content. Most people know that when they work out, their serotonin levels rise, but that can be detrimental to your workout, as the rise in serotonin increases your perception of fatigue. This may sound a little scary, but D-Bal Max can help delay fatigue, so your body doesn’t trick you into thinking your too tired to work out.

The ingredients in D-Bal Max can boost testosterone as well as IGF-1 levels, which are the two most potent anabolic hormones in your body. Testosterone and IGF-1 can create a significant increase in your muscle growth and also promotes the growth of new and stronger cells in your muscle tissue.

Additional Ingredients Found in D-Bal Max

D-BAL max contains:

  • 2- (carbamimidoyl-methyl-amino) acetic acid 500mg
  • Isoleucine 100mg
  • Valine 100mg
  • Leucine 25 mg

Isoleucine, Valine, and Leucine form a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) that helps with healing, protein synthesis and muscle growth. Isoleucine is an amino acid that is a key component to protein synthesis and can help with energy. Leucine has the capacity to not only stimulate protein synthesis, but it can also prevent protein degradation. [5] Valine can be beneficial for lean muscle-mass building as well as muscle repair.

There are tons of studies that show BCAA’s can help increase skeletal muscle protein synthesis. In fact, taking BCAA’s between meals can help keep protein synthesis elevated. Studies show that BCAA’s can increase lean muscle mass and strength when combined with a strength training regimen. [6]

5. Garlick P. The Role of Leucine in the Regulation of Protein Metabolism The Journal of Nutrition, Volume 135, Issue 6, June 2005, Pages 1553S–1556S
6. Stoppani J. et al Consuming a supplement containing branched-chain amino acids during a resistance-training program increases lean mass, muscle strength and fat loss. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition volume 6, Article number: P1 (2009)

Who Should Take D-Bal Max?

D-Bal Max was created for those who are serious about working out and want to see max gains. If you’re looking for a safe alternative to Dianabol, D-Bal Max may be that perfect supplement. D-Bal Max is for those who want to enhance their muscle mass, energy, strength, and build muscle fast, safely, and naturally.


The D-BAL Max site offers three different price points, all with free shipping at a lower price compared to other supplement vendors. D-BAL Max also offers a 60 day no-fuss guarantee.  That means if your not completely satisfied, D-BAL Max will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

  • 1 Month Supply: Two tubes containing 45 capsules each for $68.95 (originally $85.95)
  • 3 Month Supply, with 1/2 Month Free: Six tubes containing 45 capsules each for $139.95 (originally $260.85)
  • 6 Months Supply: Twelve tubes containing 45 capsules each for $279.85 (originally $521.70)